Equipment financing reducing the monthly cash flow costs.

Turn your equipment into cash savings – now…and, you’ll continue to both own the equipment and use it at the same time.  Securing assets to loans is ancient history…the beauty of it though is that you can continue to go back to the proverbial well with your quality equipment both producing product and revenue for […]

Accounts Receivable and Factoring banter…

In order to obtain financing for my accounts receivable, must I be in charge of the accounts receivable?  Well, sort of…you have to be the owner and signing authority of the corporation who has absolute control over them.  Control also means, in this case, the written authority to ‘sell’ the receivables. What?  Who would want […]

De-Leveraging your assets from the lenders grip

Hello and welcome to the “holy cow, I can do that?” review                      How many of you right now have your personal house or other assets guaranteed against business loans that you’d like to de-leverage? One of you is enough…many is why I am writing this. […]