No Engineer Required For Asset Based Financing In Canada Asset Based Bank Line

OVERVIEW – Information on the business credit solution known as the ABL asset based bank line . It’s non bank in nature and supplies businesses with all the liquidity they need based on assets and growth.


Business credit needs sometimes give owners/managers the feeling they need an ‘ engineer ‘ of sorts for financing such as an asset based bank line. In their mind they want a financing for now, and the future that ‘ fits right ‘ and is chock full of the advantages they need to run and grow their business.

Because some or all of the finance solutions you need arent necessarily available from Canadian chartered banks one alternate solution is the asset based ‘ ABL ‘ line of credit. It’s one solution that puts your firm, the borrower in the drivers seat when it comes to unlimited capital relative to your growth needs. That’s a radical statement of sorts, so let’s dig in.

Many clients we meet with initially are very reluctant to step ‘ outside the box ‘ when it comes to what they consider to be ‘ traditional ‘working capital and cash flow needs. However, in case you haven’t noticed, times are changing!
While traditional bank lines come with the lowest cost in Canadian business financing they can be limiting when it comes to the limits the bank might place on leverage – or in other cases being unable to adAsset Based Bank Linedress the seasonality and bulges in your business.

The asset based non bank ‘ ABL ‘ credit line does come with some obligations on your firm’s part. One of them is the need to report more often, always monthly but sometimes even more on the assets part of your business. Typically that’s simply aged schedules of receivables, inventory, and fixed assets. We would submit that if your company can’t produce these efficiently on an ongoing basis there’s probably other problems lurking on your financials.

The revolving credit facilities you need are often the most sought after part of the Canadian business financing puzzle. The asset based credit line has the potential to solve all your liquidity problems if structured and managed properly.

Companies that have higher debt , as well as balance sheet ratios that don’t meet bank requirements but still have current assets ( A/R & INVENTORY ) have just discovered that they now have access to all the liquidity they need , albeit at an often higher cost .

When we explain the ABL asset based solution to clients it’s a function on focusing on the two different ways to look at a revolving credit line. The banks focus on cash flow, historical, present, and future. The asset based lender takes an ‘ alternate’ approach, instead focusing on the hard assets in your business, monetizing them into one revolving facility. These types of facilities are also widely used in buyouts, acquisitions, and general refinancing of a business.

If you wish to explore the somewhat ‘ radical ‘ power of the asset based bank line and feel you need more ‘ business credit ‘ and flexible financing seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can assist you with your financing needs .

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