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Business financing loans
in Canada depend on your ability to successfully negotiate the loans or cash flow solutions you need to run and grow your business. How would you rate you ability to ‘ romance the loan’? We don’t think we need to point out that the right finance strategy for your firm will often help make your firm more competitive. Let’s dig in.

Acquiring assets is a key part of financing your firm. Those assets come in several typical categories – equipment, technology, software, trucks, etc. 80% of U.S. and Canadian businesses at some time or another focus on equipment leasing as the solution. In some cases even existing assets you own might be additional collateral to get approval for new assets.

If your company is in a capital intensive business your cash flow resources are often strained trying to get up to speed on acquiring equipment. In many cases it’s those assets that will help power higher sales growth in your company.

While Canadian banks may well consider term loans for asset finance requirements that typically comes with covenants and ratios that may impact future borrowing. Working with the right lease finance company will almost always allow you to match your cash outflows with the actual timing benefits you’ll receive from the asset.

Another method of financing equipment is the Canadian Govt Small business loan. Because it’s backed by the government the terms and flexibility are viewed by thousands of users of the program as the ultimate in flexibility.

When we meet with clients the typical question we hear is a pretty simple one: Who exactly offers the Govt Small Business Loan? Answer – the govt has empowered the banks to run and administer and finance the program under the auspices of their guarantee. HINT – Find a banker or Canadian business financing advisor who understands the program.

We caution firms not to use their business lines of credit when financing new assets. Credit lines should be used to run your business on a daily basis, not in the financing of long term assets.

If you’re focused on the right ways to ‘ romance the loan ‘ seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you with your asset finance & cash flow needs.


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