The Hidden Gems Of Canadian Business Financing

OVERVIEW – Information on business financing in Canada. Working capital and cash flow can be enhanced via use of a gov’t loan, alternative loans & SR&ED tax credits – Here’s how and why

Business financing success in Canada might well come from finding some of what we call the ‘ hidden gems ‘ of loans and other financing options. Even the govt via tax credits under the SR&ED program or gov’t guaranteed loans might well become your best friend when it comes to business finance success. Let’s dig in.

Two of Canada’s government sponsored business finance assistance programs are the farthest thing from handouts you can imagine. Canada’s SR&ED program for R&D is a solid tool for recovering your R&D capital. In many cases anywhere from 30-40% of your entire research budget can be recaptured via a refundable tax credit.

Even better news is that this tax credit can be financed via a bridge loan while you wait for your refund to be approved and arrive. It’s no secret that many of the thousands of firms who received billions in refunds every year take advantage of SR&ED loan financing.

One other ‘ hidden gem ‘ for start up and early growth companies requiring SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE solutions is the govt sponsored Guaranteed Small Business Loan. It’s very accessible and is geared toward financing 3 asset categories – equipment, leasehold improvements, and finally real estate. While not often used to finance real estate thousands of firms do in fact finance their fixed asset and leasehold needs via this program. One of the main ‘ users’ of the program is entrepreneurs wishing to start or purchase a franchise business.

The Govt small business loan is NOT a handout. It’s not a grant. But what it is provides a flexible term loan with great interest rates and flexible terms and amortizations. It even can be repaid without penalty – which even other traditional financing methods don’t allow.

What are the approval criteria for SR&ED loans and the Government SBL loan that we’ve described? In the case of the SR ED program you simply need to file your claim with your yearend financials. Claims are typically ‘written up ‘ via SRED consultants who specialize in maximizing your claim under the program. Naturally your R&D capital investment spend under the program must be well documented when it comes to actual expenditures and monies paid/spent.

As far as the Govt SBL loan is concerned very typical lending criteria apply. Business owners must have reasonable personal credit and be able to provide a business plan and cash flow that assumes some realistic repayment of your loan. Invoices or quotes from suppliers on leaseholds and equipment you intend to finance also helps.

Our two ‘ hidden gems’ , the SR&ED program and Canada Govt Guaranteed business loans can be complimented with numerous other finance solutions. Those include financing under:

A/R financing

Inventory Loans

Equipment Leasing

Non bank asset based credit lines

P O financing


If you’re focused on understanding all the finance solutions available to your company seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor.

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