Saying Goodbye to Business Financing Concerns

OVERVIEW – Information on business financing in Canada . Cash flow success depends on loans and asset monetization solutions that help guarantee cash flow solvency

The Business financing search made by owners and financial mgrs of Canadian firms works best when solutions are ‘ tailor made ‘ for their needs. The right solutions usually creates short and intermediate term solvency via loans and asset monetization funding that works. Let’s dig in.

It’s often difficult to see the ‘ big picture ‘ in your overall business finance picture when short term ongoing cash flow challenges persist. But how do you know how well you’re doing compare to the competition – We’re quite sure owners/mgrs often wonder how their competition is taking on bigger contracts, or who seem to be enjoying great relations with vendors and suppliers.

What then are the key criteria that help a business understand its finance needs? It should be no surprise also that different industries require different types of finance solution focus.

Small firm, large firm, medium sized firm – no matter what size your business might be it’s all about knowing your working capital position – Here positive is better ! , and your ability to keep current assets such as receivables and inventory turning , while managing payables and short term loan obligations is key .


Always remember that when your working capital accounts are growing you’re consuming cash, not generating it!

Next in line on the business assessment barometer is your overall debt situation – when your business has too much debt its unable to properly leverage additional returns while managing the risk that comes with debt.

When you think of ‘ cash ‘ in your business remember it’s not simply a focus on ‘ cash in bank ‘ which usually isn’t a lot anyway when it comes to SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE needs. A lot of top experts maintain that at most firms in the small to medium size enterprise sector in Canada carry only about 10-20% of their current assets in their actual cash position.

Your ability to finance current assets properly via a bank credit line is key generating borrowing from your sales revenues. For firms that can access all (or any?!) bank credit asset based lines of credit are readily available. They give you maximum working capital borrowing power.

Other ways to avoid the liquidity trap include checking our solutions such as:

Sr&ed tax credit financing

Equipment financing (minimizes cash outlays for newly acquired assets)

PO financing

If you’re looking for ‘ tailor made’ loans and finance solutions for your company seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can help you on the quest for solvency .

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