Why We’re Hooked On Business Cash Flow : The Answer: Solvency !

OVERVIEW – Information on cash flow solvency solutions . Canadian business financing loans and other solutions help prevent a liquidity crisis- Here’s why and how

Cash flow solvency is a top priority for business owners/financial mgrs in Canada. No secret there, but how in fact do owners and managers solve the liquidity challenge your firm faces pretty well every day. Let’s dig in.

When it comes to solvency it’s all about ensuring you have access to the right business financing solutions for the long haul. So it’s really all about being able to assess on an ongoing basis where your company stands in terms of generating enough cash to meet your short and long term needs. Many of those solutions believe it or not are ‘ internal ‘; but at the end of the day most businesses selling to other businesses require external financing for day to day operations and ensuring investments in new equipt or technology .

Firms that are achieving the right amount of cash flow are in a position to potentially take on more, i.e. increasing their leverage. Start ups and early stage firms are often the most vulnerable when it comes to making it successfully. That’s the time when capital sources are most critical. Job #! In earlier stage or in fact faster growing companies is simply daily operational financing.

What are some of the financing solutions available to start up/faster growing companies that give your company a competitive advantage in the game of business survival? They include:

A/R Financing solutions – (Confidential Receivable Financing/ factoring/ Securitization)

Inventory Loans

Purchase Order Financing

Business Lines of Credit – Bank

Business Lines Of Credit – non -bank commercial asset based credit lines

Sales/Royalty Financing

The one key point that we often make to new clients we meet is that firms that are in fact more financially challenged these days do in fact have more solutions than they ever have in the past . It’s in fact the rise of alternative financing for firms that are challenged with generating profits or for those that have balance sheets that we can all ‘ out of whack ‘ or ‘ upside down ‘.

Many companies that are fast growing and seemingly successful (generating profits on paper at least!) soon realize they don’t have the lending support for long term success. Now is the time to consider cash solutions from all sources, most often via credit lines. Metrics you should be watching all the time include your overall debt situation, asset turnover in receivables and inventory, and available working capital.

There’s no better time than now to get ‘ hooked’ on business cash flow solvency via loans and asset monetization facilities that make sense for your firm. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you in loans and other solutions that solve your liquidity challenge.

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