The Sale Leaseback Transaction – From The Lessor.. and Lessee’s Perspective

We’re a frequent contributor to CANADIAN EQUIPMENT FINANCE MAGAZINE . Here’s our published article from the JULY / AUG 2014 issue – To check out this great magazine for borrowers and lenders and other finance professionals see: Our article is on Page 16 of this issue : Here it is SALE LEASEBACK TRANSACTIONS IN […]

Business Cash Solutions : Break Free With Sources Of Growth Financing In Canada

  Feeling ‘ Awkward ‘ About Growing Your Company – We’re Solving That Problem OVERVIEW – Information on sources of growth financing in Canada. Business cash solutions provide the capital you need to comfortably meet your goals. Sources of growth financing in Canada allow the Canadian business owner / financial manager to ‘ break free […]

Asset Based Financing In Canada : Don’t Miss Out On The ABL Business Finance Solution Because You Didn’t Know

  Need A Special Ops Team To Provide You With A Business Asset Based Credit Line? OVERVIEW – Information on ABL asset based financing which provides a line of credit solution unique to business finance needs and lines of credit in Canada Business finance in Canada often requires asset based financing in the form of […]