Financing A Company In Canada : Cream Of The Crop Cash Flow Finance Solutions

  You Can Only Spend Real Cash! OVERVIEW – Information on cash flow finance solutions in Canada . Financing a company requires this knowledge around available business credit offerings and how and why they work.   Cash flow finance Canada demands that your firm has the expected cash flows required; business owners and financial managers […]

Beta factor and financing

Where does your company sit on the risk volatility barometer?  In short…does your business nominally change  when the market does or, inversely, is your Sales significantly affected with changes in your market. The answer may not matter when your cash flow is poised to be negative in the foreseeable future so alternate debt/equity financing is […]

Buying An Existing Company : Do You Know Enough About The Business Acquisition Loan

  Looking For An Edge In Buying A Business? OVERVIEW – Information on business acquisition loan options in Canada. Buying an existing company requires specific knowledge around financing and value . Here’s what you need to know. Buying an existing company is an attractive option for many business people/entrepreneurs. The right business acquisition loan and […]