We are business financing originators, leveraging institutional and private corporate financing companies debt financing niche.

Our service is very focused – Debt financing:  We fully immerse our time in your companies financials, assessing best finance opportunities and leveraged capabilities then prepare a complete presentation and package for our funder’s.  We are an extension, temporarily, to your finance department for the purpose of procuring credit – term loans, bridges or revolvers.  There’s normally a solution and it’s our combined expertise and long term relationships with our financing firm partners that foster our success in the SME debt financing space in Canada.

Options on debt financing;

Accounts Receivable / Factoring

SRED (Science Research Experimental Development) Film, or Mining Tax credit financing

Asset Based Lending (ABL)

Inventory and Purchase Order Financing

Lease and Equipment financing including Sale Leaseback

Franchise Financing

Mergers and Acquisition financing

CSBF loans aka SBL loans administered by the banks and supported by Industry Canada

Business plan writing and editing – Complete bank debt proposal application services

Term loans, Revolver and Bridge financing…including non-profit bridge loans

Financial statements have many financing opportunites that can be levered, and it’s the structuring and expertise that we provide ensuring your business funding opportunities are not lost, but fully leveraged!  We know how to talk and propose projects to our lenders.  Please see some of the  blogs explaining each of the categories listed for more in depth information on our services and experiences.