ABL’s which is the street name for Asset Based Lending or financing which is what a business is seeking…can be ideal for many company’s.  The reason that an ABL financing option exists is because company’s profits and/or equity ratio’s have fallen below the safe zone for regular institutional financing…here’s a great stop gap method of financing for good company’s.  You can even acquire a firm with this financing.  The abbreviated version of ABL’s is a combination of Receivables (much higher advance rates than banks), long term unencumbered assets to be leveraged and of course inventory’s can be leveraged up to 75%.   No-body wants to pay a more for financing especially the firms who’ve had a lot of success and should therefore be regarded as such…i am the first to agree.  I see company’s who shouldn’t have to look for alternate financing because of a variety of reasons and one of them that stands out is a good management team.  Needless to say, here’s a financing program that can assist good company’s back into the black and obtain that ideal financing once enjoyed and deserved.   Save yourself the sourcing efforts, the headaches and frustrations by answering the same questions from multiple firms…it’s my service that prevents all those unnecessary down times and moves the process quickly.