Accounts Receivable financing aka Factoring is the pledging of invoices for discounted money today.  Simply put, rather than a company who owns the rights to unpaid invoices and waiting until their client pays them in X days, they opt to sell these invoices to another company for a percentage less than their full value in exchange for the  money immediately.  This type of business financing can be great for fast growing company’s in need of cash-flow.  Is factoring expensive?  Really, the truth is weighted in a company’s needs for cash verses ‘want’ for cash.    There’s a variety of costs that make up the whole factoring package that no company should try to figure out or source on their own, only an experienced factoring advisor can simplify and reduce the costs for you.  If you are a growing company, own a list of receivables that you can longer afford to wait until they get paid then factoring might be right for you.  Typical questions such as contract terms, minimum volumes, ownership/disclosure advisory and costs are what an experienced advisor assists you with.  I ensure you are properly aligned with the most suitable factoring company so that you can focus on your business needs.