How Factoring and Accounts Receivable Funding Can Fix your Working Captital problems

The Fix Is In ! Cash Flow Problem Solutions Information on factoring and accounts receivable funding solutions . This type of financing fixes cash flow challenges when properly understood and utilized When your payments from key customers are significantly slowing down many firms in Canada turn to accounts receivable financing , otherwise known as ‘factoring’ […]

Inventory Finance Solutions Required ? Here They Are !

Inventory Finance Solutions Required ? Here They Are ! Information on financing inventory . Loans for inventories require specialized finance solutions – Here’s why !  Inventory loans or the financing of your inventory as a component of working capital are critical to the success of your business if your firm has a strong inventory component […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Purchase Order Factoring and Inventory Finance in Canada !

Financing Cost and Methodology of Inventory and Purchase Order finance Information on purchase order financing and inventory finance & factoring finance solutions in Canada You may or may not agree we are technically still in a ‘ business credit crunch ‘ but you probably will agree that your Canadian firms ability to factor purchase orders […]

Critical Factors to Consider when Lease Financing in Canada

Equipment Leasing Canada & Why Equipment Lease Rates aren’t Important! Information on equipment leasing and lease rates in Canada. Factors other than interest rates are also critical when financing equipment and technology to run and grow your business How can equipment lease rates in Canada not be the most important part of your equipment leasing […]