Business owners often need a consultant because the owner is too close to the daily action doing what is expected of them – controlling the company, ensuring sales grow and overseeing all the expenses. Who is looking after the vision? How can an owner possibly perform” industry analysis” determining their forward trajectory if they are in crisis management putting out fires too often of their time? As a business owner and consultant myself, I understand the information that we all crave for; ‘industry trends’  mitigating risk and mining for opportunities. By you just asking yourself these critical questions, you are that much closer to heading in the right direction and keeping control of your company.  Call me, your trusted consultant and I’ll work through the analysis for you. Don’t hesitate to call on resources that will ease your mind heading into the future because you have worked too hard to get here today. One thing is for certain, change is inevitable and you’re the only one who controls its outcome.