Canadian Business Financing – Tips on Securing Financing For Your Business

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It? Sourcing the Right Business Financing Loans And Cash Flow Solutions For Your Business Tweet     Business financing is a challenge anytime, from the entrepreneur’s dream of a small start up to major corporate needs. The current economic downturn makes the above noted challenge even more daunting. […]

Working Capital Financing – Commercial Financing Solutions

Tweet The Working Capital Financing Challenge In Canada. Which Commercial Financing Solutions Suit Your Business   Working Capital Financing is forever a major challenge for small and medium sized business in Canada. And that is certainly not to say that larger corporations don’t have that challenge, it’s simply a case of having more assets and […]

Is it Advisable to Consider Sale-Leaseback Financing?

Information on sale lease back transactions in Canada. Leaseback financing has many advantages when properly executed. Here’s why .. and how.  Many business owners and financial managers are often faced with the consideration of utilizing a sale – leaseback to generate cash. This strategy became much more popular over the last year or so as […]

Are Working Capital Loans What Your Company Really Needs? What Type Of Finance Company Can Help?

    Information on working capital loans and cash flow solutions . Loans might not be your only alternative when looking for a finance company to increase your access to liquidity for growth and survival. Tweet The shock has probably worn off by now. We’re referring of course to the business owner and financial managers […]