Lodestar financial has worked on a very broad range of business financing files, nationally, both for service and product based firms recapitalizing their existing operations for years now.  Greg, the founder created the lodestar financial name drawn from two hemispheres –  past family practice names used ( lodestar holdings) and todays current language in use identifying who originates financing verse who is the actual funder.   Syndication not only applies to more than one funder for a project, it also includes multiple of peoples who surround a funding project also who are not directly related.   For years now, lodestar has worked with both funders and other originators that borrowers count on to help them with their financing needs.  This really is the crux to success for lodestar – relationships you can trust.  Relationships with both private and institutional funders including very specific capital groups catering to a very finite market.   Some of lodestar’s funders are international where they fund into the local Canadian market with either a modest or no presence at all.   Typical funding needs that lodestar originates business financing for are identified typically known as: Cash flow loans, Inventory and Purchase Order financing, Asset based lending, Factoring, and all leasing types (Sale lease back etc), Income tax credit financing and acquisition financing.

Greg graduated in finance in 1989.   Since then he has held management roles in diverse sectors which is the catalyst to lodestar and the underlying experience to bridging business needs today.   Lodestar has a long and successful history of creating business plans that are funded and this is illustrated on the ‘Clients’ page.

In todays very competitive environment the focus is on specialized assets and services.   Lodestar follows this same premise and services only Business needs.   Such as; financing which is the core to lodestar financial however, lodestar witnesses other business needs that are underserviced such as; Payroll and bookkeeping and, writing business plans.   Financing packages require minimum files in order to sort through and identify the opportunities and the files most often difficult to retain are ‘interim financials’ and ageing reports.   These should be the quickest files to retain.   Lodestar provides financial office needs ensuring your financial profile is front and center all the time.

Types of facilities Greg has successfully procured for businesses are; Term loans, lines of credit (secured and unsecured), mortgages, leases and, merchant loans ( these loan requests are very expensive and must have a clear and concise exit ).

Experience and only professional services you can trust.