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OVERVIEW – Information on business acquisition loan options in Canada. Buying an existing company requires specific knowledge around financing and value . Here’s what you need to know.

Buying an existing company
is an attractive option for many business people/entrepreneurs. The right business acquisition loan and financing play a key role in the ultimate success when that decision is chosen. Let’s dig in.

The reasons to choose the ‘ buy a business’ strategy are obvious to most people: Circumstances around the purchase might make the purchase value of the business very attractive. Additionally most would agree it’s easier to grow a business than build a business from scratch, thereby eliminating a lot of risk.

The downside? Solid businesses that are growing and profitable are rarely ‘ cheap’, and also, if any business came with ‘no risk’ that would be a rare thing. We’ve met many clients who have inherited numerous supplier/financial/employee issues that were not discovered in any due diligence process.

The price of the business you are looking to purchase will almost always come back to the valuation and what type of financing can help complete the transaction successfully. Careful review of the financial statements around asset quality is absolutely key. One example might be the quality of the accounts receivable which can often unveil other issues related to sales/inventory/service etc.

Other issues to look for in the financials are profit margins, sales history, expenses, and owner takeout. Knowing these numbers gives you significant leverage in making a final offer you are comfortable with, and one that is ‘ financeable’.

Not always, but on occasion it’s an advantage to have the seller of the business participate in the financing. How? Via the ‘ vtb ‘ (vendor take back) option. This eliminates the need for some of the financing you require.

Although it’s technically possible to purchase a business without owner equity this generally is not how things work, and a commercial lender/bank will certainly prefer your financial participation in the deal. Many transactions completed also have the owner on occasion putting up some ‘ outside’ collateral.

What type of information is needed to acquire and finance a business properly? The basics include a business plan, a breakdown of how the loan proceeds will be used, financial statements for the business, and a cash flow statement. Remember also that the business acquisition loan is often a ‘ term loan’ and you will more likely also need a business line of credit.

Small transactions under 500k can often be completed under the Canadian Govt Small Business Loan program. It places emphasis on the assets and leaseholds of the business, and is not a cash or working capital loan.
If you’re focused on the benefits of buying a business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you with the knowledge and that special ‘edge’ of expertise required to value and finance a business properly.

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