You Don’t Need Dumbledore For Cash Flow Finance Secrets & Solutions – Here’s WhyCash Flow Finance

OVERVIEW – Information on cash flow finance solutions in Canada . Successful business financing involves a strong understanding of your sales / revenue cycle and the timing of cash inflow/outflow.

Business financing in Canada sometimes might well seem as if you need some help from Dumbledore – the legendary J.K. Rowling character who knew ‘ pretty much everything ‘ , while at the same time having access to spells and other devices.! The reality? Cash flow finance is an integral part of your sales and collection cycle; when the business owner understands that he or she is in a position to improve cash flow and determine which lending arrangements work best. Let’s dig in.

Two solutions are essentially possible for the business owner/financial manager. The first solution is often the hardest, impractical at the worst of times, and time consuming. We’re talking about taking on term debt or raising equity capital. Good luck with that and tell those friendly Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors that we said ‘ hi ‘ – We’ll toil on in the real world.

The second solution? It’s often the most practical- and it involves simply understanding your sales cycle and determining how and when you generate cash flow and what solutions can accelerate that process! The true secret of business? We sometimes think it boils down to simply turning real sales revenues into actual ‘ cash on hand ‘.

You firms ability to generate cash in a manner that you can always predict is often the real reason cash flow is such a challenge So the more you are able to both control and manage and predict cash flow ( through a cash flow budget perhaps?) is the real road to business financing success. Those abilities will also put you in a better position with decision makers at banks and commercial financing sources.

While your accountants are no doubt great at capturing the ledger transactions in your businesses ‘ operating cycle ‘ it doesn’t show cash traveling through your company. This whole situation is even more acute for companies that have long term contracts, or who have a long mfg cycle.

As you have hopefully seen, the best thing about your business (sales and profits) are rarely emphasizing or capturing the cash flow challenges your company faces. So when you put aside all your cash outflows in marketing, or R&D, as well as operating expenses, and also understanding the investment you need to make in inventories and carrying receivables… suffice to say… Cash flow mgmt and finance becomes JOB #1.
Solutions available to business owners/mgrs for cash flow finance are varied. They include:

Bank credit
Non bank business credit lines
Inventory Finance
Sale leaseback Financing
Tax Credit finance
PO / Contract Financing
A/R Finance /Invoice Discounting/Confidential Receivable Financing

We’ve determined you don’t need the services of that wizard ‘ DUBLEDORE ‘ with his array of magic ; His title was apparently ‘ Head of Transfiguration ‘ but prudence dictates contacting a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can show you how to successfully deal with cash flow finance solutions might just well be a great alternate strategy

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Stan has over 40 years of business and finance executive experience. He has been recognized as a credit/financial executive for three of the largest technology companies in the world; Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment and Cable & Wireless. Stan has had in depth, hands on experience in assessing and evaluating thousands of companies that are seeking financing and expansion. He has been instrumental in helping many companies progress through every phase of financing, mergers & acquisitions, sales and marketing and human resources. Stan has worked with startups and public corporations and has many times established the financial wherewithal of organizations before approving millions of dollars of financing facilities and instruments on behalf of his employers.

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