A Realistic Receivable Financing Fix : No Scotch Tape Required  Receivables Invoice Finance

OVERVIEW – Information on confidential receivables invoice finance factoring in Canada . Why is this method of cash flow funding the ‘f ix ‘ your company is looking for

Confidential receivables invoice finance factoring and funding
is one of the new ‘ hidden weapons ‘for a dependable sources of financing in Canada – specifically for working capital. This type of facility mirrors most closely a bank credit line – no scotch tape required! It’s a real fix for a cash flow solution. Let’s dig in.

Is there one key requirement for this type of business credit line? Yes there is… its ‘ SALES’!  Receivables Invoice Finance
A/R Finance is really what we could call a ‘ sub set ‘ of asset based lending. It can be achieved on its own, or, if your business merits it, can also include inventory and equipment under the same facility. But that’s a discussion for another day -we’re focusing on Receivables funding specifically.

Invoice financing might seem confusing to many business owners and financial managers – but in reality it’s really how the paperwork is handled – that’s all. The concept is simple – instead of ‘ borrowing’ against your A/R (as in a true Canadian chartered bank facility) the factoring paperwork designates that you’re selling your receivables and receiving cash flow them. That’s really the main difference, or ‘ optics’ behind this type of borrowing.

How then does ‘ confidential ‘ invoice financing work relative to the traditional factoring offered by most mainstream commercial finance firms? Here again it’s ‘ optics ‘ – as the main benefit of confidential receivables finance is that it’s… you guessed it… CONFIDENTIAL! The bottom line on that one – your company bills and collects it’s own client accounts owing – while at the same time achieving the benefit of instant cash flow on those sales . Naturally how much you want to finance or draw down on at any time is your option – you are only paying for what you borrow.

Many firms might not really care that a traditional mainstream invoice finance firm will insist on notifying your clients that they are financing your accounts. If the business owner/ financial manager are not concerned by this type of ‘ notification’ to clients they can also benefit that the factoring firm being very closely involved in credit approvals and credit lines for specific clients.

The bottom line is that Confidential Receivables Invoice Finance Factoring and Funding works best for firms that want to ensure they are perceived by their clients and suppliers as self financing. Our own experience is that if your client base is government or larger well known accounts the owner/manager is very concerned about the perceptions around their firm’s financial stability.

Oh by the way, there’s no real extra cost for Non notification financing – which is another benefit to choosing this method of cash flow financing. If you’re looking for a permanent fix – i.e. no scotch tape required! in A/R finance seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success


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