How’s That Trial & Error Canadian Business Financing Search Going ? Get Ready To Sync & Doc With The Finance Solutions Your Company Needs

Information on business financing in Canada. Various loan and finance options are available for Canadian companies . The trick? Knowing which ones your company needs and qualifies for

Business financing loan and finance options in Canada unfortunately leaves many business owners/entrepreneurs and financial mgrs doomed to a ‘ trial and error ‘ approach to their funding needs.

How then do you come out on top when it comes to your capital / cash flow needs? Let’s dig in.

Business finance as it relates to capital needs is all about understanding current and future performance needs. Key factors that you need to consider assessing for finance needs include:

Working Capital needs
Asset requirements
Cost of financing

We’re told that timing is everything, and to that we’ll add knowing (and understanding) your alternatives. Working capital, as an example is a common need for business – it funds your inventory and receivables and staffing as an example.

Larger firms are always considering their ‘ capital structure ‘ which is often a more informal project when it comes to businesses in the SME (small to medium enterprise) space. More simply stated the owners and financial mgrs in ‘
‘assessments have to consider how much ‘ debt ‘ they can obligate their company to. As they quickly discover the ‘ leverage ‘ that comes with debt is a two edged sword!

However those ‘ debt ‘ and ‘ cash flow’ options are always less expensive than giving up a per cent age of ownership.

What then are the types of financing available to firms for asset and cash flow needs? It’s probably a longer list than you might think! They include:

A/R Financing
Inventory Finance
Sale leasebacks
Equipment finance
PO Financing
Bank lines of credit
Non bank lines of credit
Royalty finance
Govt guaranteed Small Business Loans

Unsecured Cash flow loans

Knowing what stage your company is in will often. lead you to the best business financing solution. Typical categories for assessing your need tend to be ‘ start up ‘ ‘ growing’ and ‘ mature mid market ‘. Don’t forget also that for even larger firms there is no ‘ perfect’ financing and capital structure.

Knowing which alternatives pertain to your needs will help you shape your current and future financial position. Your ability to assess cash needs allows you to get funding in place in advance, as opposed to reacting when it comes to the proper financing sources.

If you’re focused on eliminating that ‘ trial and error’ approach to business funding seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you with loan and finance options that make sense today .. and in the future.

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