A Silver Bullet In Canadian Business Financing ?
Let ABL lending & Asset Based Lenders Show You How !

OVERVIEW – Information on ABL lending in Canada and how asset based lenders via specialized business lines of credit financing solve a myriad of Canadian commercial financing challenges

Business financing in Canada often has owners/financial mgrs searching for the ‘ Silver Bullet’. That’s where asset based lenders and ABL lending in general come in. Those in search of that business silver bullet are looking for something that ‘ cuts complexity’ and provides an immediate solution. We’re examining exactly how and why asset based finance firms can provide you with the finance Silver Bullet you’re looking for. Let’s dig in.

It’s no secret that most top experts today maintain that ABL lenders emerge as the true alternative to traditional bank financing. While we might think of asset finance as ‘ debt ‘ that is definitely not always the case – as they also monetize the left hand side of your balance sheet – you business assets. A true ABL deal provides a revolving line of credit that accelerates your business liquidity.

Many business folks aren’t aware of asset based lenders only because they are, relatively speaking, new on the scene. They are typically commercial finance companies that, unlike the banks, are unregulated as it relates to commercial financing. These firms are a combo of Canadian firms, both public and private, as well as branches of larger U.S. firms who have chose to finance in Canada. Their focus on financing = flexibility.

That flexibility means higher loan to value margins, resulting in more cash flow and liquidity for your business. ABL lending does that because if places a greater focus on real world values as long as you are regularly able to report changes in your business assets – i.e. aged a/r, a/p, etc

Again, we’re circling back to flexibility. It is rare that any industry is totally ‘ out of favor ‘ with an asset based lender. Why? Because based on their internal expertise and their ability to work with your firm in any stage of your existence (start up, high growth, turnaround, recapitalization, etc) almost every Canadian firm is eligible for an asset based line of credit facility. The greatest flexibility, if we had to name one, is that the facility grows as your firm grows – that certainly is not the case when it comes to more traditional forms of financing, or term debt.

Will asset based lenders always be able to provide the solution you need for funding and liquidity. The answer is a resounding ‘ YES ‘ if you follow the following guidelines we emphasize with clients:

Ensure you are looking for the right type of financing when it comes to short term, intermediate and long term solutions – 100% always use of a revolving credit line might suggest the need for term loans or new equity

1.Focus on financing that helps you generate sales and profit growth

2.Ensure you understand the cost and requirements of asset based lending

Financing isn’t the only solution to every business challenge but if you want to learn more about the new ‘ SILVER BULLET ‘ in Canadian business financing consider speaking to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who will help you determine the right facility for your company.

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