Is Asset Based Lending The New Stealth Financing Your Competitors Haven’t Figured Out ?

Asset based lending is really business financing that’s tailored to the needs of thousands of Canadian businesses. Perhaps yours? We’re examining how these loans are helping thousands of firms gain the working capital and cash flow they need to both survive and grow their company. Let’s dig in.

It’s not necessarily the economy that drives firms to search for alternative financing. The reality is that its creative financing options that provide business with loans that really service the flexibility that companies need to beat their competition.

In fact we could maintain hat asset based loans are a type of ‘ stealth’ financing, providing seamless capital as your company grows and builds it assets and sales.

Asset based lenders compete with banks who traditionally and almost always provide the lowest cost of capital in loans such as credit lines and term lending. Good news for borrowers utilizing asset based loans is that those rates have also come down due to the competition in the Canadian business financing landscape.

Asset based non bank business credit lines are often a solution when your firm’s balance sheet requires more equity. It’s that equity that’s desired by Canadian banks who view your balance sheet as requiring more owner equity prior to being approved for traditional bank financing.

Asset based lenders are very aggressive on financing your assets and sales. As we have said, the ABL lender has formulas that drive maximum cash flow and capital from your balance sheet and sales revenues. (Sales revenues translate into commercial accounts receivable – which is one of the bedrock financing solutions offered by ABL credit).

It’s interesting to note that asset loans tend to be utilized by firms that have good fundamentals to the opposite extreme – firms that are experiencing a temporary downturn in their finances. Firms that have realized they need ‘ turnaround ‘ financing are great candidates for asset based business credit lines and equipment loans.

Many business folks also don’t realize that asset based lending is in fact a great way to help engineer an acquisition or management buyout.
At the end of the day it’s simply financing that will fluctuate based upon your specific borrowing needs. In some cases it’s simply refinancing your capital needs under better terms.

We’re often asked what are minimum and maximum amounts under asset based credit lines and term loans. While there really is no upper limit on any borrowing in asset lending typically smaller deals tend to be in the 250k+ range. Asset based lenders are not regulated like the banks, so comprehensive lending solutions abound in the Canadian marketplace.

Typical Asset financing solutions include one, or a combination of all:

Non bank business credit lines
Term loans
Equipment loans
PO Financing
A/R Financing

If you want to have the competition talking about your financing capability seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can assist you with your funding needs.

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