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OVERVIEW – Information on business finance sources in Canada . Avoid these financing options pitfalls with careful planning and expert assistance

Business finance sources in Canada can, unfortunately come with pitfalls if not planned picked or executed carefully. Let’s take a look at those financing options while demonstrating that getting it wrong is a costly option. Let’s dig in.

Whether a firm’s business is in a great economic recovery or even when times are tough any type of business financing is a challenge. Growth? Access to Capital? Cost of Financing? All of those play into the business owner/ financial manager challenge.

While ‘ low cost’ financing seems logical to every applicant the reality is that low rate financing is typically only available from our Canadian chartered banks. If your business can’t meet the hurdles imposed by banks (the holy grail of profits, clean balance sheets, strong cash flows) Business Financethen it becomes a question of will your business make it with alternative finance solutions.

We promised to ‘ name drop ‘ on some of those traditional and also alternate sources of capital. They include, but are not limited to:

A/R Financing

Inventory Finance

Purchase Order/ Contract financing

ABL’S (asset based non bank credit lines)

Equipment Financing

Working Capital term loans

Sale leasebacks

Bridge Loans

Tax Credit Monetization

Business owners with needs in SME Commercial Finance also have the challenge of separating their personal and business assets in the area of personal guarantees that are required by many lenders, including the banks by the way.

Many capital needs for your business, whether operating, or term in nature are actually rooted in the need for, or lack of planning. We couldn’t count the amount of clients we meet that often have no knowledge of, let alone actual cash flow budgets.

When you don’t know how you’ll make loan payments, or take on new or larger orders a downward spiral often starts.

Don’t forget also that its not just about accessing new cash, it’s also about managing what you’ve got. Adopting strong metrics in collections, inventory turns, and utilizing equipment financing proactively to acquire new assets (it conserves cash flow) should by your new normal.

Looking for professional help? That might come from your lawyer, accountant, or by seeking a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who will help ensure that ‘ getting it right ‘ is your new strategy for Canadian business financing success.

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