Are You On High Seas Navigation For Business Financing With No Road Map ?Finance And Banking Needs

OVERVIEW – Information on business financing in Canada. Understanding the critical need for commercial finance and banking solutions that make sense.

Business financing in Canada might well have business owners/financial mgrs feeling like they are navigating the high seas… without a roadmap. Not recommended? How then does your company in effect ‘ outrun’ it’s. needs, choosing commercial financing for survival and growth. Let’s dig in.

Companies with stable and positive financials look to Cdn. chartered banks for their business needs. When banks can’t/won’t satisfy those needs other solutions are available- more about those later.

Businesses with SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE needs often face challenges in choosing a bank, a banker; our banks tout convenience and online services, etc but many businesses are unable to meet basic business credit line criteria.

‘Old School ‘ lending talked about the 4 C’s of bank lending – character, capacity, credit, and collateral. While many of our clients have no problem passing’ character ‘ they can’t meet issues of collateral, proven cash flow, and credit history.

Enter… stage left…Finance And Banking Needsnon bank alternate financing sources! Is there a finance solution to the business line of credit that meets your needs? Those bank lines provide overdraft protection based on personal guarantees and financing against your sales/receivables – typically 90% of A/R value. For businesses with a history of profits and success it’s low cost flexible financing.

When your company can’t access bank financing top experts tell us that business owners resort to personal loans, collateral mortgages on their homes, equipment leasing, etc. There is one very solid alternative to the bank credit line – it’s the ASSET BASED NON BANK BUSINESS CREDIT LINE… aka the ‘ABL’ line.

How does the ABL work? In many ways it’s the ‘ low tech’ solution to business credit. It takes your receivables, inventory, and equipment and packages them into one ongoing revolving business line of credit. Somewhat ironically the level of borrowing is actually more generous when it comes to margins on your receivables, inventory and equipment.

Are there some other solid finance solutions we haven’t talked about? One is internally available! Your ability to maximize trade credit from vendors is a valuable source of cash flow. Another solid solution is Equipment Leasing for fixed asset needs.

There is one other ‘ subset’ of the asset based credit line – A/R Factoring. Paperwork around this type of facility allows you to cash flow your receivables at the same time you are generating sales. Our recommended specific solution in this area is CONFIDENTIAL A/R FINANCING… allowing you to achieve all the benefits of factoring while billing , collecting and financing your receivables.

If you’re looking for some ‘ high seas navigation’ in Canadian business financing solutions seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can assist you with your banking and financing needs.

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Stan has over 40 years of business and finance executive experience. He has been recognized as a credit/financial executive for three of the largest technology companies in the world; Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment and Cable & Wireless. Stan has had in depth, hands on experience in assessing and evaluating thousands of companies that are seeking financing and expansion. He has been instrumental in helping many companies progress through every phase of financing, mergers & acquisitions, sales and marketing and human resources. Stan has worked with startups and public corporations and has many times established the financial wherewithal of organizations before approving millions of dollars of financing facilities and instruments on behalf of his employers.