We’re Not In Kansas Anymore Dorothy .. Canadian Business Financing Has Changed Finance Companies

OVERVIEW – Information on changes in Canadian business financing . The solutions and roles of finance companies and banks have changed dramatically

Canadian business financing has changed. As we learned in the classic Wizard of OZ MOVIE what you expect in one world might not necessarily be the case. Sorry about that Dorothy!

Simple as that. So whether it’s ‘ the banks ‘, or commercial finance companies in Canada you need a ‘flight plan ‘ Finance Companies of sorts, more than ever, for the finance challenges your company faces. Let’s dig in.

Most business owners and financial managers recognize that the access to the financing they need is vey much dependent on the current state of the credit markets, economy, etc. As an owner/manager of a business you keep hearing about all the ‘ capital ‘ that is out there, it just doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to you!

When accessing credit through banks or finance companies in Canada it’s all about terms, rate and structure that suit your specific business. That then needs to be broken down into the right delivery – from either a Canadian chartered bank, a commercial finance company or asset based lender, and in a small amount of cases equity financing from VC’s, PEG’s ( private equity groups ) etc.

By the way, probably only one of every 500 or so firms is actually a candidate for equity type financing in Canada, so valuable time is often wasted pursuing this route. However, if you’re one of those 500 Congrats!

So how do you know which funding alternative makes the best sense for your firm. It’s important to realize what ‘ stage ‘ your company is in, which ranges from pre revenue start ups to mature growing companies , and in the middle of all the SME COMMERCIAL area – the latter probably being the largest sector.

Use of funds is important in consideration of financing. That might be all the way from acquiring another business, to acquiring new assets, monetizing cash flow, etc.

There is a very basic ‘ flight plan ‘ you probably should follow in seeking financing. That includes thing such as being prepared for the right timelines, as it ALWAYS takes longer than you think, so starting early is important. Knowing your competition is financed is also helpful as certain industries qualify much better for certain types of financing.

As we are focusing on non equity type options, it’s important to know what debt financing makes sense, how it works, and what asset monetization strategies cost.

So what in fact are those potential sources of financing from banks or commercial finance firms? They include:

Bank lines of credit / term loans

A/R Financing

Inventory Finance

Purchase order/supply chain financing

Asset based loans/bridge loans

Equipment Financing/ Sale leaseback strategies

Monetizing SR&ED tax credits

Government Small business loans

Cash flow/mezzanine loans

Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you in matching and sourcing the right amount of financing for your company.

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