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OVERVIEW – Information on financing businesses in Canada . Business finance funding has evolved with numerous solutions in traditional and alternative financing . Knowing how to access capital saves time and cost

Financing businesses
has evolved significantly in Canada. The past is clearly not representative of the future. Owners and financial managers who are not up to date with what’s available, and from whom, in access to capital, can easily be forgiven for being simply… out of step . Financing Businesses In CanadaLet’s dig in.

Business is often susceptible to ‘ disruption ‘ Financing Businesses In Canadaand the methods of financing Canadian companies are great examples of that. When we talk to clients about newer methods of financing there’s often a feeling these methods are known only to the privileged few.

Today the owner/financial manager can easily access newer methods of financing. One top expert describes this current situation as ‘ open knowledge ‘.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs / business owners dwell on Venture Capitalists and Canadian banks as key sources of following. Only a minute, and we’re talking really minute amount of firms qualify for VC capital. The prospects of accessing true bank financing are much more positive, but still leaves thousands of companies ‘unsatisfied’ when it comes to all the business credit they need. The 2008 global recession totally hammered access to business credit.

Many start up businesses, as well as franchisees take advantage of Government assistance when it comes to financing. Over 8,000 businesses annually take advantage of the CSBF / BIL loan program which provides government guaranteed loans to the SME sector. (Note: Businesses with under 5 Million $ in actual or projected revenue can qualify.

Another note on government assistance is that federal and prov. govt’s tend to be relaxing legislation around CROWDFUNDING. Technology has allowed thousands of people with capital to access your business deal if presented properly and on the right platform.

Seeking the right source of funding in Canada necessitates understanding options in debt and equity. We’re huge proponents of asset monetization – many firms simply arent aware that they can cash flow existing assets.

Some examples of Asset and Revenue Monetization:

Sale Leasebacks

Bridge Loans

Tax Credit Financing

Royalty financing / Financing Software as a Service (‘SAS’)

Purchase Order/Contract Financing

Asset Based (‘ABL ‘ ) lines of credit (They lump A/R, inventory and equipment all into one borrowing facility)

Whether it’s traditional or alternative financing there is no substitution for demonstrating you have good management and the ability to produce regular and proper financials.

Acquisition financing for mergers and acquisitions has never been more plentiful – with supposedly thousands of original owners seeking succession plan strategies and buyers for their long established businesses. Here valuation and due diligence are key.

While not all Business Financing in Canada has been timeless what remains constant knows what finance solutions meet your debt, cash flow, and growth criteria? Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can show you the path to business financing funding, via the who and how!

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