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OVERVIEW – Information around financing loan solutions in Canada. Capital finance loans and other forms of working capital and cash flow solutions.

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solutions in Canada, more commonly in the SME Commercial finance sector, often have business owners/financial mgrs feeling like they are in the middle of a fruitless endeavor. Addressing the financial reality around their capital needs is critical to business success and growth. Let’s dig in.

If there’s any good news around that search for business loan financing it’s that the real solutions you need come in many forms- that includes the actual profits in your business, equipment finances, revolving credit lines, commercial mtges, etc. Some firms also undertake the search for equity capital – even more daunting challenge.

The search for capital finance loans and other forms of financing involves understanding what is determining those needs. Some of those factors include:

The size and growth of your company

Stage of product or service development

Asset turnover in receivables / inventories/ fixed asset needs

The seasonality around your business

Issues particular to your industry

At any event at a certain point the owner/mgr is confronted with the need to obtain external financing. That need is even more exacerbated if financial losses are eroding owner equity.

Many clients we meet are often incorrectly focused on ‘ loans ‘ in the sense of taking on new debt when in fact the real need is for ‘liquidity’ in their business assets. It’s those liquidity solutions that smooth out the day to day needs of your business. Those ‘ cash flow ‘ (not debt) solutions include:




BANK OR NON BANK REVOLVING CREDIT LINES (Non bank business credit lines are called ‘ ABL’s)


These above noted solutions take the day to day ‘ scrambling’ out of your constant cash flow needs. Top experts and studies have revealed that almost 50% of ‘ capital needs’ of a business are often solved by utilizing these solutions.

By the way, focusing on debt and not cash flow when your firm is not profitable is precarious at best. Also many business owners /mgr’s are not comfortable with the covenants and restrictions that come with term debt – especially bank requirements that also come with personal guarantees and outside collateral needs.

Another issue adding to the conundrum of finance loan needs is the myriad of new entrants into the business loan market. They are certainly giving banks a run for their money! Many of these solutions no long even require the age old ‘ eye to eye’ contact prevalent in commercial lending.
If you’re focused on financing loan solutions and cash flow requirements for your business and want clarity on capital finance loan needs via banks and other commercial lenders seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can reverse that feeling of fruitless endeavor experienced by many in Canadian business financing .

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