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OVERVIEW – Information on turnaround finance solutions in Canada . Investigating key aspects and elements of successful company restructuring financing needs


Turnaround finance solutions in Canada will almost always mandate ‘ ch ch changes ‘ turnaround financein how a business is and will be financed. While David Bowie probably wasn’t thinking company restructuring financing when he wrote his iconic song it’s safe to say that ‘ change ‘ is something business owners in challenging situations must address. Let’s dig in.

Financing solutions for ‘ turnarounds ‘ have the ability to be both complex and simple, requiring knowledge, experience and the ability to access financial resources that augment the turnaround. The goal is almost always the same – avoid bankruptcy, maximize the value of the assets of the business, and in some manner ensuring the long term viability of your company. Bottom line, it’s all about addressing the various constituents – owners, creditors, suppliers, employees.

While we’re focusing here on financing issues other items need to be addressed- i.e. sales growth, employee issues, cost reduction, etc. All of those, and others, necessitate ‘ ch ch changes’! In many cases the type of industry you are in will often necessitate the type of change required.

Assets and collateral are often at the heart of any turnaround finance. If not addressed with the right financing solutions the perception or reality is that assets have the potential to lose their value in challenging times. The ability to leverage those into a proper finance solution is key. Unfortunately items such as ‘ goodwill ‘ and ‘R&D’ don’t play well into current and immediate fix requirements. In some cases they might need to be written down or curtailed respectively.

One of the best solutions that is somewhat all inclusive and a one stop fix is the ‘ ABL ‘ – the Asset Based Loan. Whether term or operating in nature it rounds up receivables and inventory (operating) and equipment and real estate (term) assets and monetizes them into one facility. Almost always it takes our current secured creditors and banks – while often injecting more capital into the business immediately. It allows owners and financial managers to address what the pros call the ‘ capital structure ‘ of your business in a temporary fix manner.

While fewer ‘ traditional ‘ finance options exist in turnarounds those that do can address your creditor issues.

Other company restructuring solutions include:

Bridge loans

Sale Leasebacks

Mezzanine / Cash Flow financing

Any one of the solutions we have mentioned allow the business to self correct some of those key issues around financial ratios, covenants, owners guarantee liability, etc.

What is the focus of a financial turnaround? Key requirements include:

– A strong and realistic cash flow forecast – (strong A/R and a/p analysis)
– understanding current liquidity
– balance sheet /working capital ratio analysis
– profit /margin analysis

The best situations in turnaround often show that the company itself has a lot of long term potential, it’s just all about correcting the present balance sheet – in effect a ‘ makeover’ is required!

Timing is everything in refinancing under restructuring – it’s all about stopping the negative cascade of events and perceptions. One top expert referred to his as halting the ‘ melting ice cube ‘!
Accessing turnaround finance requires credibility and expertise. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you in restructuring financing that helps ensure the fix.

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