Information on why a line of credit known as a ‘ revolver’ might be a solid business financing solution via non bank asset based lenders in Canada. How these facilities work and what they cost.
Some Canadian business owners and financial managers aren’t familiar with the term ‘ revolver line of credit ‘. So for clarity purposes it’s simply terminology for a business operating line of credit. It revolves, or goes up and down everyday, as your firm collects receivables, pays bills, buys inventory, makes loan payments, etc.

Naturally clients can be forgiven for asking ” What is the difference then for asking why asset based lenders offer a unique, and we think better revolving line of credit than perhaps their Canadian chartered bank can offer.

We’re going to cover off the basics of a revolver line of credit via an asset based lending solution with a focus on ‘ why  you should use this type of business line of credit’.

The reality is that asset based lenders are playing a more important role everyday in Canadian business – that’s simply because most business owners and financial managers agree that it is more challenging than every to meet their day to day financing needs with bank facilities. That is because banks place more focus on external collateral, operating results that meet their guidelines, and a lack of desire to finance items such as inventories, purchase orders, etc.

The key main reason why you should consider an asset based line of credit is simply that the firms that provide this type of financing specialize in exactly what you need – maximum financing for receivables, inventory, and equipment.

Very typical margining of these current assets in an asset based line of credit with a non bank is 90% of receivables, 50%or more for inventory, and full appraised value of equipment and other fixed assets. We have seen real examples where a revolver line of credit has tripled a firms borrowing power, even at better rates on occasion.

So clients start seeing very quickly why they should be utilizing this type of financing, they just don’t know with ‘ who ‘. There’s where it does get a little tricky, as firms offering this facility are less known than the banks, and are often independent finance firms of subsidiaries of U.S. banks that operate here in Canada. There is when its best to seek the services of a trusted, credible and experienced business financing advisor to match your needs with the right asset based financing solution.

Let’s summarize some key points that focus on the real issue we are talking about – why you should consider asset based lenders for your day to day operating needs.

First of all, size doesn’t matter in the asset based finance world. Facilities from 100k to many millions of dollars are available. We’ll quickly add that some of Canada’s largest corporations are financed by this method, we just don’t hear about it!

Other reasons why you should consider this type of Canadian business financing are as follows: you are in a turnaround situation, you can’t get equipment and inventory financing that you need to generate sales and profit. Other reasons include your growth – in some bank environments you are punished for growing too quickly, but asset based lenders raise your facility as you grow, with their only concern being the assets you have to cover the facility.

Make sense? We think it does, so speak to an expert business financing advisor on what the merits of a revolver line of credit are, and find out why asset based lenders may be your business finance savior in the current business financing environment.

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