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OVERVIEW – Information on bank business loans and alternative finance solutions in Canada.

Finance challenges in Canada , in the minds of many business owners and financial mgrs, are solved through bank business loans. But the new reality is that you might be eligible for more business financing than you thought, and if bank solutions aren’t accessible a brave new world of alternative finance is out there… Let’s dig in.

In a perfect world ( apparently it’s not ) the ability to have all the cash flow you need, or to be able to access unlimited business credit lines is the objective of most businesses when it comes to running/growing your company . That challenge of ensuring that sales revenue exceeds operating expenses and commitments to lenders will ultimately decide the success of your business.

You become more ‘ eligible’ for business financing, via banks and other commercial lenders when you best understand what exactly your capital needs. We’re focusing on debt and financing your assets in our discussion, not equity raising which is a whole other discussion!

The essence of working capital and cash flow financing revolves around the concept of selling your products and services and having to wait 30-60 days for your client payments. (30 days? We only wish!) Business owners and mgrs who wish to finance their business properly need to be capable of creating cash flow budgets that reflect those inflows and outflows of cash.

In a large majority of circumstances the cash flow you generate will always come from receivable collections, and that A/R is typically the largest, or one of the largest assets on your balance sheet. Financing that large asset can come in a number of ways:

Bank credit facilities
Commercial A/R Financing
Asset based non bank business lines of credit (‘ABL Solutions’)

Owners/mgrs will find that if that focus on solid receivables mgmt those external solutions we have identified will become more eligible for approval in the amounts required. As an aside we all know that Canadian chartered bank financing is low cost and flexible, but when that bank solution is not accessible numerous other alternative finance vehicles exist.

In addition to the aforementioned A/R financing and asset based credit lines owners can look to:

Sale leasebacks – selling and leasing back assets is a proven cash flow strategy used by corporations of all sizes

Refundable tax credit loans (via the ‘SR&ED’program)

Royalty finance

Purchase Order Financing

When you need to replenish new assets companies from start up large public company status consider EQUIPMENT FINANCING as the most popular method of financing assets from which you company will benefit over time. It’s a matching of cash outflows to asset benefits.

Along with receivables another often critical asset category is inventory. Bank and asset credit lines can include an inventory component, and firms who sell on cash such as retailers have access to inventory credit lines. As a caution inventory finance is not the easiest to obtain and careful appraisal of your inventory quality and turnover is key.

Although we’re always seeming to preach asset mgmt and financing techniques to clients we’re the first to recognize the importance of growing sales. Firms that can’t grow or are in a constant decline in sales revenues are often perceived as being in a death spiral of sorts. However that challenge of growing sales we point out to clients is also often one of the reasons cash flow is tight due to the higher investment you need to make in A/R and inventory and fixed assets.

If you’re focused on ensuring you understand what financing you are eligible for and what are the traditional bank business loans and alternative methods of finance that make sense for your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you in your finance needs.

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