Unlocking Business Cash Flow Financing

OVERVIEW – Information on business cash flow financing solutions in Canada. Understand loans and working capital solutions is all about these key cash flow drivers
Business cash flow financing often requires some ‘ straight talk ‘. The ability to finance your company properly is one of the most powerful success forces in Canadian business. But how does the business owner/financial mgr determine where new cash flow and working capital will come from, and where it went? Let’s dig in.

There is in fact a very harsh and simple reality around your business cash flows. The answer ? You’ve simple bought assets, or generated new assets such as receivables and inventory via monies spent.

There is a natural flow in business – it’s all about paying down your debt, keeping taxes up to date, building working capital assets, and generating and taking profits

How does the owner/mgr make the right choices in raising funding for your business and keeping your financials understandable – i.e. understanding where the cash in your business is ‘ flowing ‘.

Many firms are challenged by low owner equity, which compounds the owners ability to take cash out of the company.

Is there a simple secret to managing and financing your cash flow? The pros call this whole process ‘ operating cash flow ‘ it’s simply your profit or loss for the month plus or minus your changes in working capital accounts – we’re back to those receivables and inventories again.

External financing for your business will come from either term debt of business credit lines. By the way those business revolving credit facilities will come from either a bank or alternately a commercial finance company offering asset based credit line facilities.

When it comes to business credit lines the facilities that are most manageable are those when the credit line fluctuates significantly. Banks or finance firms will always look more favorably on your ability to constantly draw done and replenish the facility via your receivable and inventory turnovers.

Assets that need to be financing in your business might include plant and equipment assets, vehicles, as well as technology / software etc. Here a term debt options such as lease financing will almost always make the most sense.

What’s the bottom line in accessing outside funding and managing your balance sheet properly. We summarize as follows:

– Develop a strong sense of how cash flows in your business- a good cash flow forecast based on your historical inflows and outflows helps

– Ensure your provincial and federal taxes are paid on time- If you have tax arrears they can often be consolidated into a new re-financing of your business

– Determine your business line of credit needs – this is a critical area of business cash flow financing. Remember that Canadian chartered banks are NOT the only credit line providers

– Finance long term assets with long term leases or loans

– Focus on building equity in your business via good gross margins and profits
If you’re focused on accessing the right finance solutions for your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your long term funding and working capital needs.

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