Opportunity Lost – Is Your Company Missing Out For Lack Of Business Financing
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OVERVIEW – Information on business financing options for Canadian companies . Growth Finance and loan opportunities identified and analyzed

Business financing
in Canada often faces the challenges of ‘ opportunity lost ‘. Growth finance and loan and finance solutions are a part of your company ‘ growing up ‘ – so we’re examining those ‘ grown up ‘ solutions that can accelerate your business success. Let’s dig in.

Naturally it’s a fine line between taking on too much financing versus the ownership capital in your business. Nevertheless it’s every owner/mgr/entrepreneurs dream to not miss out on growth opportunities. Again it’s that balancing act we’ve referred to in the past – being too aggressive in growth or simply…missing out and watching your competitors leap frog you.

In truth short term financing goals are probably easier to achieve than long term fixes. But if you take on the right type of debt and manage your cash flow and finances well opportunities abound.

In some cases , particularly for start up and earlier stage companies debt financing and monetizing existing assets is in fact simply a more realistic solution than searching for new owner equity capital.,

It’s important to note also that the amount and type of business financing loans are also sometimes somewhat dictated by the type of industry you are in and how capital intensive it is. Also, as your company grows within you industry numerous types of financing emerge as being more applicable.

Loan and growth finance solutions that are a bit more ‘ alternative ‘ in nature include:

A/R financing/ factoring

Inventory loans

PO Financing

Asset based revolving business credit lines

Sale leasebacks

More established businesses with track records of achieving some level of financial success already include:

Bank operating credit lines/term loans
Equipment financing

Unsecured cash flow loans

Working Capital term loans
Knowing what type of capital all these solutions deliver on, and what they cost is key go growth finance success. It’s all about ‘ linking’ the type of capital you need to those growth opportunities.

As a general rule you need to understand how other companies in your industry finance their business, while at the same time understanding limitations around your current stage of growth and how much debt you either have in place already or are prepared/able to take on. Unfortunately the amount of loan accessibility is sometime also dependent on the lending markets current view of your industry, as some industries occasionally find themselves temporarily ‘ out of favor’.

If you’re looking for ‘ grown up ‘ financing seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your loan needs.

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