Is Your Search For Canadian Business Financing Resembling The Star Trek Dilithium Saga? Canadian Business Financing

OVERVIEW – Information on Canadian business financing . Do you have the right game plan for SME Commercial finance needs to grow and operate your company ?

Canadian business financing comes with a game plan requirement. If there’s any good news on that it’s that there’s no discrimination when it comes to being a start up, small business, or large corporate.

Consider it as tough a solution as the ‘ Dilithium ‘ story line on Star Trek (rare Dilithium crystals were rare and needed to be replicated properly and the search was lengthy). The right steps and strategy in finding the right solution is your version of that saga. Let’s dig in.

Larger corporate borrowers do not have the emphasis on personal guarantees and outside collateral that are required of the start up entrepreneur and SME. It’s therefore necessary for the latter to ensure their personal credit situations are in order. The good news here is that while many non traditional financings require proper disclosure in this area less emphasis is placed on this aspect of business credit application, offset by either asset strength or the proven ability to generate cash flow.

Canadian banks focus on term loans and revolving lines of credit. Low cost, plentiful, they come with the requirements one would associate with bank funding – profits, cash flow, clean financials, secondary sources of collateral. ‘Unsecured debt ‘ is available, but comes with requirements of high net worth and demonstrable cash flow. It’s a fabulous area to waste your time in if you can’t meet those requirements!

Business plans are not always required for many types of business lending
While being critical for start ups, government loans, etc they can be easily replaced with a solid cash flow and revenue forecast – one that accurately reflects timings and inflow and outflow of cash from daily operations. The ultimate irony in one aspect of Canadian business finance is that growing too fast is actually a turn off to many conservative lenders as cash needs can’t be accurately identified.

But growing fast and large is in fact desirable when it comes to such finance solutions as Asset Based Lending which focuses on financing all your receivable and inventory requirements generated by hyper growth.

Being turned down by a bank or traditional commercial lender still offers many other alternatives to commercial financing in the SME sector. Those solutions include:

Factoring / Confidential Receivable Financing

Inventory Finance

Government guaranteed SBL loans

Equipment Leasing/ Sale leaseback/ asset based bridge loans

PO / Contract financing

Asset based revolving lines of credit (the ‘ ABL ‘ solutions)

Revenue/ Royalty Financing

Monetization of SR&ED tax credits (if applicable to firms spending on R&D

In any form of Canadian business finance allow enough time to source and achieve the financing you need, and consider the services of a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success to deliver on your Dilithium dilemma!

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