We’re Cutting All The Red Tape In The Gov’t Guaranteed Business Loan

OVERVIEW – Information on government guaranteed loans in Canada . The ‘ CSBF ‘ business loan satisfies the capital needs of thousands of business people and entrepreneurs every year

The Government guaranteed business loan in Canada is quite often the financing that entrepreneurs in start ups and ‘ small business ‘ require to access capital for financial assistance. In many cases it’s the ‘ lifesaver ‘ that the business owner is looking for. Welcome to CSBF (Canadian Small Business Financing) loans 101. Let’s dig in.

Most business people in Canada, rightly or wrongly, associate anything to do with ‘ government’ as mired in red tape/bureaucracy. That really isn’t the case with the Govt SBL (Small Business Loan) program. It certainly can be though if you’re poorly armed with key critical info on the program itself, how to access it, and, most importantly, how to get approved!

By the way, do Not apply if you’re a large business – and the program clearly defines that as any business with over 5 Million dollars in revenue. The actual size of the loan portfolio by the way is in fact ‘ large ‘, with billions being financed every year for thousands of applicants.

There’s not mystery as to the popularity of the program, as top experts tell us everyday that it’s ‘ Small ‘ business that generates employment and taxes in a big way

Why then do business people/entrepreneurs bother to investigate this type of loan? While many focus a lot of time and effort on raising equity capital from friends and family, angel investors, VC’s, etc they are more often than not disappointed by their efforts in this area.

What is the appeal of the SBL loan? First of all its, longer repayment terms, as typical terms are 5-7 years. Secondly, approval is much easier as compared to traditional bank financing or other offerings from Commercial Finance companies that lend to the SME sector

It’s necessary to understand the type of loan you are applying for. For a starter, much a surprise to many is that there is no loan from the government. Industry Canada sponsors and administers the program and it simply guarantees the loans to Canadian chartered banks that provide these loans Banks therefore are more open to providing loans that in other cases they would not make!

Key to being successful is knowing what the program DOES NOT finance – and that’s working capital and inventory. It also does not refinance current debt. What it does fund is equipment, leasehold improvements and real estate.

If you’re looking for a prompt answer , instead of ‘ maybe yes’, or ‘ maybe no’ when it comes to government backed loans in Canada seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can help you cut red tape and make govt loans your lifesaver for capital.

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