Quick Question : What Exactly Is Asset Based Financing In Canada ? We’re Glad You Asked !


OVERVIEW – Information on asset based financing in Canada . The ability to achieve the proper type and mix of business credit and loans is key to financial success for growth in profits and sales


Asset based financing is a unique part of the business finance landscape in Canada. So much so we sometimes get the question: What is it! More importantly business owners and financial mgrs want to know how they can utilize these types of loans for cash flow and working capital purposes with the goal of funding their business. Let’s dig in.

The reality is that asset based lending means different things to different business folks. The truth is that it’s a part of the non traditional method of financing a business in Canada that might be temporary or in some cases more permanently challenging.

Although the owner.mgr might think their need is somewhat unique the reality is that financing needs typically revolve around sales growth or key balance sheet issues that need a fix. We’ve never missed the true irony around how fast growing or even explosive sales can become a huge financial and operational challenge, as many have experienced.

Fixed assets are often a key part of an asset based financing solution. The equipment your company either requires, or has already can be in a broad range of asset categories. Owners/financial mgrs are looking to acquire new or used equipment, or refinance existing assets. That ‘ refinancing ‘ can often be part of a ‘ sale leaseback ‘ which is one of the key categories in asset based lending. That strategy allows owners to ‘ free up ‘ equity in assets and harness that equity via new cash flow and working capital.

How does that sale leaseback strategy work? It’s quite simple. Although business owners in many cases have a strong sense of what some of those assets are worth quite frankly that is not what counts. It all comes down usually to an appraisal being done on the equipment, and when the appraisal comes back a loan is made against the appraised value. Usually business owners can expect to receive a fairly high percentage of the liquidation value of the equipment, but this amount tends to be less than the fair market value of the asset .It is very important to understand that the asset has to be free and clear of any liens or charges. In cases where a small amount might be owing to another lender that amount can be paid out and bundled into the new loan transaction.

A key point in equipment refinancing is that the commercial lender will place a combination of emphasis on both the asset value as well as your firm’s ability to prove cash flow for repayment.

There is a huge difference in how an asset based lender looks at your asset and advances funds against it, versus a Canadian chartered bank.

There is technically no limit as to the amount that can be advanced against equipment, although most transaction we see in the marketplace is certainly less than 5M dollars.

In summary, asset based financing means different things to different people. One of the key context areas of this type of financing is equipment financing – yet numerous other key categories in asset based lending play a key part of solutions your firm might require and have access to .

They include:

A/R Financing solutions: Factoring, Confidential Receivable Finance

Inventory Loans

Tax Credit Financing (Primarily SR&ED)

Cash flow loans

Equipment Leasing

Royalty Financing

Bridge Loans

Whether your firm is growing quickly, has restructuring issues, or other unique situations you will benefit from seeking out and speaking to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor with a track record of success.


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