3 Mistakes You Should Never Make In Your Business Finance Needs

OVERVIEW – Information on business capital finance in Canada. Don’t make these mistakes when it comes to your cash flow and commercial financing requirements

Business capital
requirements in Canada often boil down to the some basic truths the business owner/financial mgr/entrepreneur needs to address. One of those truths? Knowing the true state of their financial condition and what financing they do and don’t qualify for! Let’s dig in.

We’re highlighting 3 mistakes that you need to avoid making when addressing, sourcing and negotiating your cash flow and commercial finance needs.
1. Understand the true condition of your company finances – almost always successful addressed when you spend time on your financials

2. Ensure you have a plan in place for sales growth and finance needs

3. Understand that actual hard cash flow is the lifeblood of your company

Can you honestly answer or fee positive about all those 3 points. If so pass Go and collect $ 100.00!
A good way to address your company’s finance plans is to ensure you understand growth finance solutions, as well as how to manage in a downturn – i.e. not growing, losing money, etc

When we talk to clients of new or established businesses it seems they are almost always talking about sales, so the ability to understand and focus on the differences in their profits and cash fluctuations is key.

How do cash flow and sales plans and projections affect the type of financing you require? For one thing sales growth usually starts out by consuming your cash, not generating it. A poor finance plan will drag your business down and addressing financing simply gets tougher and tougher.

Three basics always emerge when it comes to your search for the right business capital and financing.

1. The amount of financing you need

2. The type of financing (debt / cash flow / asset monetization)

3. How the financing is structured to be manageable with your day to day operations

Let’s identify and break down key financings your firm should know about and understand if they are applicable and achievable to your business. They include:

A/R Financing / Factoring / Confidential Receivable Finance

Inventory finance / floor planning / retail inventory

Working Capital term loans

Unsecured cash flow loans

Merchant working capital loans/advances

Royalty finance

Asset based non bank business lines of credit

Tax credit financing (SR&ED bridge loans)

Equipment Leasing / Sale leasebacks

Govt Guaranteed Small Business Loan program

If you’re focused on not making mistakes in your business finance needs and want to capitalize on the solutions your competitors are probably already using seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your cash flow and commercial financing needs.

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