Looking for a builders mortgage – funding between $500k – $10mm for your residential or commercial building project?  Raising the capital for your project is a specialty that can only be trusted to the few financers who are skilled at packaging.  Packaging is only part of the plan; equally important are the relationships we’ve built with our underwriters; quick action and commitments with limited conditions, a borrowers dream.

Here are the criteria; History – either you’ve successfully completed a project before or you have the builder who will complete the project on your behalf.  After that, it’s your investment.  Full story and what’s been acquired and the entire project cost layout – timelines, drawings, approvals/permits and local map illustrating infrastructure if any.  Are you marketing your resales or building for your own?  Be prepared to provide a ‘sales package’ if you’re flow throughing your build.  Absorption rate (reselling) / Appraisals must accompany your application so engage an accredited appraiser – Appraisers Canada registered…or better yet, ask your lender who they prefer this way you are not wasting your time and money.  Credit quality – private, public or institutional…we solve each of these cases for you.

If you’re just looking to refinance your commercial property, we fund those transactions often within 48 hours.  Historical Rent rolls/ Occupancy rate, current mortgage terms, recent financials – we can prepare a plan with you.  We can fund at or near prime.  There are no mortgage limits in this space…that’s our years of experience and relationship building that assures your funding success.

There are lenders for each of your needs, don’t guess who you should be working with to attain a mortgage on your project, trust an experienced advisor for your funding needs.