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OVERVIEW – Information on financing sources in Canada . Capital Leasing Via The Finance Lease Is A Solid Solution For Asset Financing Needs Financing Sources In Canada

Financing sources in Canada come in different categories. The finance lease is simply one of the best tools to maximize capital leasing. But does every business owner/financial manager know how to maximize this method of asset financing? Let’s dig in.

We’re told you can’t fight a trend, and no method of financing assets has grown as equipment financing has over the last several years. North American figures suggest an overall 10%+ growth.

So whether that’s a ‘ micro ticket ‘ LEASE ‘ for items under 25k, or ‘ small ticket ‘ ranging from 25k to 100k there’s clear proof that whether its a 2k photocopier , or a multi million dollar piece of plant machinery or office technology its safe to say the evidence suggest this is one of your best methods to acquire assets .

The issues of ‘ cash flow ‘ and ‘ alternate sources of borrowing ‘ should be high on the list of key ‘ evidence ‘ analyzed by the business borrower.

What in fact are the main types of assets that consistently are financed on a day to day basis by everyone, including your competitors! That ‘ hit list ‘ includes:

Rolling Stock


Construction and Plant Floor Equipment

Medical equipment

Business owners/managers like capital leasing because credit approval on terms they can live with is much quicker than that offered by bank and other ‘ term lenders’.

While the true ‘ finance lease ‘ finances 100% of your asset needs on a ‘ lease to own ‘ basis don’t forget also that many firms still take advantage of operating leases. Operating lease characteristics include the ability to use but not own an asset, typically shorter lease terms ( 2-3 years are common amortizations ) , and attractive end of term options such as the ability to upgrade, purchase if desired, or return the asset .

We also add as a short footnote that two other aspects of equipment financing should not be overlooked – they are the sale leaseback of assets you already own, as well as the ability to collateralize owned assets under a short bridge loan.

Capital leasing often satisfies the true objectives of the business owner and offers maximum flexibility as a ‘ financing tool’

Looking for more ‘ evidence ‘ that the finance lease is right for your company? That includes:

Hedging asset life against inflation

The ability to pick terms from 2-7 years

Maximizing cash flow

Capital leasing rarely comes with restrictive borrowing covenants

Working through budget and cost restrictions

If you’re looking for ways to use Capital lease financing as a tool to run and grow your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can provide ‘ the evidence ‘!

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