Are You β€˜ All In β€˜ When It Comes To Franchising Finance in Canada You Don’t Have To Be ! Franchise Loans

OVERVIEW – Information on franchise loans in Canada . Franchising finance properly executed doesn’t have to be the financial personal commitment that some franchisees think it needs to be . Here is why

Franchising finance
makes many would be ‘ entrepreneurs ‘ feel like they must be ‘ ALL IN ‘ when it comes to franchise loans in Canada. β€˜ALL IN ‘ of course connotation major personal investments in their franchises. Does it have to be that way? Not necessarily! So let’s dig in.

When it comes to financing a franchise in the current ‘ hot ‘ Canadian franchise market the clients we talk to seem to think that comes with significant personal investments, overdrafts on personal lines of credit, and complicated financing packages that inter mingle with their personal finances. Again, that’s what they think, but it’s not necessarily the case.

We must emphatically say that the would-be franchisee would be entrepreneur must in fact contribute some capital to the business. It goes without saying there no ‘ free ride ‘ on ‘ OPM ‘ – i.e. 100% other people’s money.

In fact some of the amounts required to properly finance this type of business in fact are normally not financeable – those include the actual franchise fees themselves, brokerage or consultant fees, etc. These types of charges typically come out of the owner’s capital investment.

As a broad rule you should be prepared, depending on the overall situation, to put down anywhere from 10-50% of the total amount of financing required to kick start your venture.

Funding the balance of franchise loans in Canada is typically dependant on the size of the purchase, the quality of cash flow forecasts, and lenders interpretation of the viability of your franchisor as a whole. Not all franchisees might be aware that many franchisors are willing to let a franchise fail, knowing they can re-sell it to another potential viable franchisee. Here issues such as ‘ location/ location/location’ and mgmt competence and experience are important.

Never forget that at the end of the day the actual repayment of the franchising loan, which typically is amortized over 5-7 years will in fact come from ongoing cash flows and profits. Since most franchisees tend to be 100% cash businesses that is important.

In Canada franchises are financed via a small handful of specialty finance lenders, the Govt SBL loan, and a combo of various other financing solutions that might inlcude equipment financing, merchant advances, working capital term loans, etc.

So our advice? You don’t have to be ‘ all in ‘ thinking you have to pledge your personal assets in franchising finance. More important is the ability to seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your funding needs.

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