Old School or New School ? Financing the Assets you need in your business !


Information on leasing finance and equipment lease rates and approvals in the Canadian asset financing industry . Business financing includes the need for business owners/financial managers to understand their asset acquisition alternatives

Business Financing In Canada . Are you ‘old school’ or ‘new school’ when it comes to leasing finance in Canada. We’ve always thought there is nothing wrong when it comes to being ‘ old school ‘ sometimes when it pertains to business. (In hindsight we would have been a lot smarter in the Dot Com era!).

However, when it comes to maximizing the benefits and business financing availability for equipment lease rates and solutions we are categorically recommending a ‘ new school ‘ attitude. Let’s dig in.

Trends now show that leasing assets in Canada often approaches 80% of all asset financing in Canada. So why is that the best choice? And are you too late to get into the game? We don’t think so – so let’s try and prove to you how you can adopt a more positive asset acquisition strategy when it comes to acquiring your business assets. And by the way, those assets cover everything under the sun these days; including software, computers, rolling stock for your fleet, production equipment… you name it.

The key to being successful in leasing an asset in Canada your ability to have a solid understanding of the lay of the land. What does that do? It allows you to leapfrog barriers, and that’s a good thing.

And when it comes to understanding that ‘ lay of the land ‘ you really have only two options – the first being to become an expert yourself, and the other is to rely on expert guidance from an experienced business advisor – and more often than not that advice is … FREE!

The actual ‘ boring ‘ part of lease financing in Canada might in fact be the documentation that comes with your transaction. And some lessors do a great job of keeping this area of the industry boring, and complex… stuffed with all sorts of ‘ legalese ‘. Thats why its often critical to take a bit more time on the ‘ terms ‘ conditions of any transaction, no just those equipment lease rates which often seem so all important to clients.

Just picking correctly one of the two leas options types that are available to your firm can make you quite ‘ new school ‘. And that decision is often not as hard as you think – your choice is simply a ‘ lease to own’ strategy, or a ‘lease to use ‘ strategy. Respectively they are called capital leases and operating leases. So when it comes to the numbers those two lease types can dramatically change monthly payment, lease obligations at end of term, tax and balance sheet treatment, etc.

When you understand your options in lease finance in Canada you clearly have the ability to become ‘ new school ‘. When you understand the many advantages of asset financing this solution becomes the de facto alternative for acquiring assets for your company.

Which School Do You Attend When It Comes To Leasing Finance ? Old School Or New School ? It’s Not Too Late To Become New School In Canadian asset finance . Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in your departure from ‘ old school ‘!

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