Leasing B2B and B2C

Have you been looking for a creative way to increase your sales without depleting your cash flow or your existing business credit line?  Maybe you don’t have either facility in place but the objective remains the same.  Well, there is a way via customer Leasing B2B and B2C designed for your business.
Strong business leaders will strategize on each of their investments ensuring the right returns.  This means the company has completed a thorough business assessment evaluating their next investment ensuring the company’s financial health and future prosperity.  Effectively, utilizing the lease option leaves untapped any pre-authorized business credit so that a company maintains a liquidity line or revolver in the event they need it while acquiring more assets against their cash flow projections.  By offering leasing right on your selling floor to your customers, you’ve effectively moved the ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes’ client.

Here’s your option!  Lease to own it or in the vendors case, lease to sell it!  Really, if you sell furniture or electronic equipment or most any tangibles that typically another company or consumer can re-use and/or can resell, you have a great chance of leasing that product out to the marketplace.  Ideally, commercial sales work best however there are definitely opportunities that provide leasing to the retail market.

What does it take to provide this type of credit to your clients?  Well, generally they have to have decent/good credit, and typically a minimum order size.  Ideally sales orders over $2000 allows for reasonable financing rates and typically with good credit and volume size those rates can decline and increase the sales close process.

How can your business institute this type of ‘new’ salesman to your floor?  The program can offer an on-line credit application basically answering the ‘credit’ question almost immediately with a completed leasing application, customers can find out what their monthly costs would be almost immediately, often the same day but less than 24 hours.

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