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Technology Financing

OVERVIEW – Information on technology financing in Canada . Historical benefits of lease finance are even more enhanced when it comes to computer tech leasing of assets and software

Technology leasing & Financing
is all about the ‘ economics’ of acquiring tech assets in key categories of hardware, software, consulting and maintenance. Tech financing got its start 50 years ago from original behemoths such as IBM, Xerox, etc. A large part of the initial success of those two example firms revolved around their ability to offer financing to clients .

Top experts tell us that today over 50% of all workers in North America are working in companies just like yours that are big users, or producers of technology products and services. (Source: ‘The Emerging Digital Economy 11’)

Do Canadian business owners and financial managers really understand the differences between financing hardware and software versus other assets they might need in their business?

While conserving cash and choosing the right term or amortization are key elements in any lease tech leasing requires expertise and guidance in areas such as buy out options, renewals, upgrades, and early terminations. No one method of financing is the ‘ holy grail ‘ in Canadian business financing . While the obvious advantage is the ability to acquire assets, including technology for minimum cash outlay more complex financial analysis in ‘ lease vs. buy ‘ scenarios will often suggest that lease financing is more expensive . Also, when owners choose the wrong lease term on the wrong asset they will get that ‘ locked in’ feeling !

Although the benefit of ‘ off balance sheet financing’ has virtually disappeared with changes in accounting rules operating leases, particularly in the tech environment still deliver lower payments, and maximum flexibility re upgrades, swaps, etc.

While almost any asset can be financed it’s important to work with experts that offer specialized financing expertise in this area. That allows maximum buy and minimum spend, including, by the way, your ability to add maintenance and consulting to your desired solution.

No one recognizes the importance of cash flow than owners and managers in the SME sector in Canada. Growing a company while at the same time juggling supplier commitments, receivables challenges, and sourcing external financing is a 24 hr Job # 1. Tech Leasing is all about conserving capital and taking advantages of expertise in terms and structure. That’s the ‘ huge win’ that business owners are looking for.

Vendors, resellers and software firms can grow sales and maximize cash flows by offering lease financing options to clients. Providing clients with the ability to extend payments, or even utilizing ‘ buy now – pay later’ creative financing is the final building block in the reseller / vendor product and service offering.

Rarely does a financing solution makes sense for both the seller and the buyer, but time invested with a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success will guarantee a positive impact on the bottom line of any business selling or acquiring technology.

Author: Stan Prokop
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