This Might Be Your First Rodeo On Alternative Financing, But Not Ours! Check Out These Cash Flow Solutions

OVERVIEW – Information on alternative financing in Canada. The type of solution delivered by a factoring company or asset based lender for cash flow requirements should be checked out and understood by all owners/managers via Small Medium Enterprise ( SME ) COMMERCIAL FINANCE

Alternative business financing
for some folks might mean thoughts of their ‘ first trip to the rodeo ‘. Not us though, so we’re sharing some of the best factoring company cash flow solutions available in Canada today.

Many private companies in search of SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE solutions have the one pre – requisite for this type of financing: Sales and a customer base! These firms often cannot secure what we term ‘ traditional bank financing ‘ because they can’t satisfy some of the basic criteria for bank loans and business revolving credit facilities.

Those requirements? Strong financial statements, assets, collateral, cash flow, and positive credit history. Have we forgotten anything? Yes, that focus on personal guarantees. (Note – Personal guarantees are a part of almost any financing for small to medium businesses – but with Canadian banks they are a key focus point)

Why does receivable financing, aka ‘ factoring’ work so well then. For one reason it’s because your clients are often broadly diversified and represent a good credit risk to the lender in terms of diversification. Firms whose client base includes larger well known companies find themselves in even better shape when it comes to negotiating receivable finance rates and terms.
Our recommended solution in this whole area? We thought you would never ask! It’s CONFIDENTIAL RECEIVABLE FINANCING – Allowing your firm to bill and collect its own invoices, thereby financing all your sales, with no notification to any supplier, client, etc.! Check it out.

Firms that are ‘ service ‘ firms find themselves even in greater need than typical mfg type companies. That’s because one of their prime expenses is payroll which creates a high cash flow need, coupled with the fact that they don’t have a heavy investments in fixed assets, inventories, or other collateral. In the cases of ‘ tech ‘ firms their assets might in fact often be intellectual property of intangibles such as software, etc.

Even if your clients are overseas / international those receivables can also be financed under a factoring solution by adding a credit insurance component to your borrowing facility.

If there is one reason (among many) that thousands of business owners/financial mgrs utilize A/R financing is that it’s fast and flexible. In the case of growing companies the problem is even more basic:

Their revenues are growing faster than their access to credit lines!

Why does the factoring company itself like their business? Simple! They aren’t lenders per se, they don’t offer business debt, they are simply purchasing your receivables on an ongoing basis in order to provide your firm with working capital it needs. No new debt comes on your balance sheet.

Unlike our regulated Canadian banking system factor firms don’t have any of the legal of regulatory issues that challenge major Can financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies.

If you’re tired of chasing down financing solutions that make sense for your firm and industry seek out and speak to a trusted credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your cash flow and factoring company needs.

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