Can A Business Advisor Be Your ‘ Undercover Agent ‘ In The Search For Financing Business Advisor Financing

OVERVIEW – Information on the benefits of utilizing a business advisor for the financing and funding needs of your company for growth and operations. What characteristics should you use to formulate a choice for a finance partner

Financing via business advisor
assistance might well be viewed as your version of utilizing an ‘ undercover agent ‘ for your funding needs. It’s all about getting the right finance solution after exploring all those potentially previously hidden solutions. Let’s explore some key reasons to utilize a third party for your company’s financial needs .Let’s dig in.

. While some owners / financial managers might consider it a potential extra cost there are some tremendous offsets. By the way there are many advisors who might actually be compensated by the funding source, so in effect that value and benefit is quite often not a direct expense. We’re the first to recognize though that there is ‘ no free lunch ‘ in life!

The bottom line is that if an advisor can help your firm bring a financing solution to the table that helps your firm generates profits and survives in today’s competitive environment that should be a major consideration.

While many owners have taken to the internet ‘ big time ‘ to try and source their own financial solutions it can be a confusing scenario around who you are dealing with, what they are offering, etc . The real issue here is that many companies have a ‘ unique ‘ need that requires some level of customization to the particular challenges they are facing.

2. The danger of a ‘do it yourself’ type investigation should seem obvious but the risk of engaging the wrong party or getting simply wrong facts and information can only lead to potentially dangerous problems down the road . Business Advisor FinancingBottom line – it’s very hard to unwind a financing that was not meant to be and simply doesnt work for your firm.

3. One key critical benefit of a true business finance specialist is the ability to meet or discuss with your firm first hand any unique challenges your firm might be facing. While many firms in any particular industry have common traits there is always some uniqueness in the way you do business. Uncovering solutions to those challenges is the true value of a business financing advisor.

A truly experienced funding advisor should be able to demonstrate financing knowledge and success in numerous industries and provide a unique perspective to your firm’s particular situation.

5. Because the advisor is independent he or she has the ability to remove ‘ bias ‘ from any proposed financial solution. The right specialist will also be totally up to date with what is happening in both traditional and alternative finance solutions.

Credentials and past success are always important, so the ability to demonstrate success with previous employers and clients is key to your firm benefitting from any solution.

7. Any type of business financing comes with benefits and potential risks. The ability to understand those and ensure the right balance is in place is key to the comfort level of the business owner/owners.

If you’re looking for financing assistance in traditional or alternative solutions such as:

A/R Financing

Inventory finance

Bank term loans/credit lines

Asset based non bank lending facilities

Equipment Financing / Sale Leasebacks

Tax credit monetization (Sr&Ed and film)

Working capital term loans

PO/SUPPLY Chain finance

Sales/Royalty financing solutions
consider seeking out and experiencing the benefits of a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you with your needs. It’s your version of the ‘ undercover agent ‘ utilized properly!


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