Is It Easy For Your Business To Get An Unsecured Cash Flow Loan? You Decide

OVERVIEW – Information on mezzanine financing in Canada. Does an unsecured cash flow loan make sense for your company, are you eligible, and how does it work ? Here’s your answers!

Cash flow loan
requirements in the Canadian business landscape might often mean that you need some form of mezzanine finance. What are the requirements and challenges in obtaining such financing and how does it work? Let’s dig in.

At some point in time many companies realize they need additional capital to grow / expand. In some cases it also might mean they are seizing the opportunity to buy a competitor. In some instances this type of financing is a way for owners to take some cash out of the business based on the current assets and cash flow in the business. It’s times like these that an unsecured cash flow loan makes the most sense.

In certain cases, not always though the way to think about mezzanine cash flow loans is that they are a mix of both debt and equity. The debt side of that equation is simple. It’s an equity substitute that puts more cash on the balance sheet, therefore improving your overall relationship of borrowed funds versus owner funds.

One of the most common reasons owners/mgr seek cash flow loans is that the alternative for more senior or bank debt have been exhausted. What makes mezzanine finance even more alluring is that although it’s a more expensive form of financing it’s never more expensive than equity financing which of course dilutes the owner / owner’s position in the company. Ouch!

We made the statement that mezzanine financing is more expensive, usually in the ‘ teens’ when it comes to interest rate. Why is that the case though? Simply because unsecured cash flow loans are a 2nd position behind any other secured creditors. Although there might be a 2nd lien position on your firm by virtue of the new financing it’s clear to all that 1st position security on assets is still always held by a senior lender, typically in Canada a Cdn chartered bank.

The most common explanation of why a mezzanine cash flow loan might be considered ‘ part equity ‘ is that in some cases the lender might request a warrant or option to buy into the company based on the financing provided.

While large or public companies use this financing and call it various names – convertible debt, warrants, junk bonds, etc the SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE sector in Canada can safely just call this an unsecured cash flow loan. Simple as that.

Mezzanine/cash flow loans are all about … you guessed it ‘ CASH FLOW’! So to be eligible for this financing be prepared to demonstrate past, present and future positive cash flow.

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