Are You at the end of the road in Business Loan Solutions and need financing options ? Avoid Doomsday with these solid choices Financing Options

OVERVIEW – Information on financing options for medium and small sized businesses in Canada. Which of these cash flow finance solutions works for you


Financing options in Canada – they are all about the ability of your business to thrive, and yes survive.

So whether its cash flow finance solutions or taking on the right amount of needed debt, we’re examining the ability of your company to achieve business loan solutions and avoid the ‘ doomsday’ that unfortunately comes with being unable to finance the company. So let’s dig in.

The right amount and type of financing is often a solid indicator of general business health. Depending on which ‘ top expert’ you’re listening to these days you won’t find any naysayers when it comes to acknowledging the importance of day to day cash flow.

We’re quite sure that a good amount of business owners in the SME Commercial sector don’t really how much time large corporations, equity investors, and even VC’s place on analyzing cash flow in businesses they are looking at.

The ability of your company to access financing options involves how you manage the ins and out’s of cash. When it comes to financing things definitely don’t happen automatically in business.

Several things need to happen:

Your business has to be able to track financial performance – if you can’t show you have a handle on collections, granting credit, identifying cash flow gaps, etc you are in fact on the road to doomsday.

Managing asset turnover and growth is key

The business owner/ financial manager must be able to distinguish between short term needs and long term needs

What are key short term and long term basic financing options – they include, but are not limited to:


Bank lines of business credit
A/R Finance/Confidential Receivable Financing
Inventory finance
SR&ED claim financing (if applicable)
Asset based ABL lines of credit
Royalty financing
P O / Contract financing


Working capital term loans
Equipment leasing
Cash flow loans

Depending on how well you manage your business your firm will qualify for either traditional bank financing or the alternative, which is in fact ‘ alternative finance”!

When you approach the accessing of finance key questions the owner/manager needs to address are:

Overall business credit quality – as demonstrated by historical, present, and future cash flow

The amount and type of financing you need (While much business can in act access some form of bank financing we often meet with clients that just can’t get enough!

How does your profit and sales growth enable you to expand business opportunities?

Although traditional financing options are the most flexible and inexpensive, alternative solutions can often provide (at higher cost) all the financing you need to grow. Alternative lenders love assets and high growth!

Avoid that doomsday feeling. Consider seeking out a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you in your cash flow financing solutions. There are, (almost always) financing options for every business and every industry.

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