No R.S.V.P. For SR&ED R&D Tax Credit Financing As It’s An Open InvitationFinancing SRED Tax Credit Incentives In Canada

OVERVIEW – Information on financing SRED tax credit incentives in Canada. A SR&ED ‘ bridge loan’ is the effective way of monetizing your SR ED claim to accelerate the cash flow benefits of this program

Financing SR&ED Tax credit incentives in Canada comes with a pretty well automatic invitation, that’s right, no RSVP required. It’s all about this loan unlocking the uncertainty in both claim approval and even better, eliminating the waiting around your government refund. Let’s dig in.

SR&ED bridge loans
are in some ways a combination or marriage of technological and technical. Technological refers of course to the essence of your firms R&D claim – what the government and your SRED Consultant Financing SRED Tax Credit Incentives In Canadacall the ‘ uncertainty’ your firm is addressing via the ‘ experimental development ‘ around new products and services.

The path to those expenses you incur leads to the basic technical aspects of a SR ED loan, which is typically constructed as a bridge loan to mirror the time that your claim is being reviewed and approved by the federal/prov. govt bodies that fund these claims.

Your firm is eligible to finance your SRED credit whether you prepare your claim your self (not common) or if it’s prepared by a (hopefully!) qualified/experienced independent consultant. These folks seem to prepare the bulk of the claims in this industry – and they are paid on a fee basis for heir work and time, or in most cases they put themselves at risk by offering ‘ contingency ‘ – that is to say they only get paid when your claim is both approved and funded.

The consultants expertise (is it an art or a science we wonder?) maximizes the quality and amount of your claim. Since claims are financed under your SRED loan at around 70% loan to value the simple observation is of course that the more you claim the more cash you receive under your financing.

The documentation around your tax credit financing could not be more basic. Of course it revolves around the actual claim that you file yourself under the ‘ T661’ form that you and your consultants and accountant complete as your submission of your claims.

The simple way to look at R&D TAX CREDIT FINANCING is that you need to simply supply basic info around your actual claim, as well as basic info around your company. As far as the company info is involved it’s information such as financial statements, perhaps a summary of what your business does or hopes to do.

Hopes to do? Yes, that’s because many of the businesses utilizing the SR&ED program and SR ED financing are often still in development, pre revenue, or early revenue stages. You may have figured out by now that the ‘ collateral’ for your loan is simply the refund itself.

Recent innovations in tax credit financing couldn’t be more in favor of your firm, the borrower. They include the ability to access your financing prior to filing your claim, or to also start borrowing against next years claim.

If you’re looking for your RSVP invite to trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can help you cash flow your claim today.


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Financing SRED Tax Credit Incentives In Canada

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