Feeling Handcuffed When It Comes To Commercial Finance Options?

OVERVIEW – Information on business financing loan options in Canada . Different corporate credit needs require different solutions . Here’s why … and who and where!

Business financing loan options in Canada… it’s no secret that thousands of Canadian business owners and financial managers feel somewhat ‘ handcuffed’ when it comes to their sense of limited corporate credit options.

It’s almost as if they feel they can’t penetrate the secret world of business financing that many of their competitors seems to have succeeded in. Why is that the case and what can be done about it when it comes to financing your firm? Let’s dig in.

We don’t think there is anything more frustrating in business than not being able to take advantage, in an opportunistically positive way of business growth opportunities.

The truth is that there is a whole world of options outside Canadian commercial chartered banks. These financing options are provided by independent commercial finance companies, insurance companies, pension funds, etc. In most, but not all options the finance options tend to be more expensive than the bank, but at the same time they provide you with the growth capital you are looking for. We’ll let you weigh the advantages of business survival against a higher cost of borrowing!

One unique and often unheard method of financing 4 key business assets at the same time is the ABL. Thats the term for ASSET BASED NON BANK LINE OF CREDIT. Using this facility as an example of an alternative financing option your firm is able to borrow, under one line of credit, against inventory, receivables, unencumbered fixed assets, and even company real estate if that asset category finds it way into your mix of operating assets.

While many Canadian businesses find themselves informally looking for business finance alternatives in some cases many companies have been asked to exit their banking relationship. Simply speaking their loans have been called and they have been segregated into the banks book of ‘ SPECIAL LOANS ‘. We’ll of course hold off on the humor around that term!

If your firm is in fact in jeopardy at the bank and has any chance of survival the asset based credit line can almost more often than not take out the bank and provide you with even more ( yes, even more) borrowing power than you had before .

Other solutions to refinancing the bank include BRIDGE LOANS and SALE LEASEBACK of assets, all of which, in effect, refinance the business.

The often fasted way to gain a positive refinancing is to utilize the talents of a Canadian business financing advisor who is experienced in the area. That can be done with the assistance of your accountant or lawyer, or simply searching ‘ CANADIAN BUSINESS FINANCING ADVISOR ‘ via the internet, etc. Working with the right party allows you to save you valuable time and brings credibility to meetings and discussions with the plethora of non bank asset lenders in Canada who really do want your business.

Just feeling comfortable about the different options and pricing of those alternatives gives the Canadian business owner peace of mind. Bottom line, those ‘ handcuffs’ can now come off!

Author: Stan Prokop – founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial


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