What Scares You About Alternative Financing ?

OVERVIEW – Information on alternative sources of financing in Canada . Business loan finance can be achieved via a variety of different methods of asset monetization. The non bank alternative is gaining in popularity in Canada and here is why.

Alternative sources of financing in Canada
seems to sometimes conjure up images of the unknown to Canadian business owners/financial managers. Is there anything to really be afraid of when considering this method of business loan finance? Hardly. Let’s dig in.

The ongoing struggle for businesses in the small and mid market size to secure financing for their firms is leaving many more options to explore these days. It’s the rise of alternate forms of financing as benchmarked to traditional Canadian chartered bank financing.

One kind of hybrid example is always worth exploring – it’s alternative finance but offered by the banks. We’re referring to the Govt guaranteed business loan program, which offers term loans to borrowers who otherwise cannot access a loan based on bank traditional criteria. Well worth examining.

Alternative lenders are essentially commercial finance firms that are not funded like our banks, i.e. deposits. They are therefore ‘ unregulated’ and operate under their own risk and lending models. More often than not these firms specialize in offering financing for certain specific types of loans or working capital solutions.

Here is a list of various forms of alternate finance:

A/R Receivable Financing

Inventory Finance

SR&ED Tax Credit Financing

Working Capital Loans

Equipment financing – Sale leaseback

Non bank Asset based business lines of credit

Sales/Royalty financing

Purchase Order Financing

All of the above solutions offer tremendous flexibility in how funding can be derived. Naturally that flexibility will almost always come with higher finance costs Because lending standards are less restrictive than the banks it allows your firm to access the finance it needs.

Really the best way to look at these forms of financing is to consider the fact that they are heavily ‘ asset ‘ based, and much lighter on things such as covenants and other restrictions. Traditional lending has almost always focused on pure cash flow generation.

For firms that had bank financing but suddenly find themselves in some form of distress or business challenge the alternative finance vehicle is a tremendous way to refinance your business when a work out with the bank cannot be established.

One key factor to assess when you’re e considering business loan finance of an alternate nature is to ensure you understand any reporting requirements. Essentially that reporting becomes the ‘ communication vehicle ‘ between yourself and the lender. In many cases that reporting can also work positively in that in can help identify additional or other types of financing you might need. Being ‘ self aware ‘in your overall financial condition is important, and a disciplined reporting system helps that cause.

In summary , ensure you are ‘ self aware ‘ of your businesses overall financial health , and if you’re looking to explore alternative sources of financing seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success
who can assist you in eliminating the curiosity gap in choices .

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