SBL Gov’t ‘Small Business Loans ‘ Are Your Bridge To SomewhereCanada Small Business Financing  Loans

OVERVIEW – Information on government of Canada small business financing loans . This financing is very appropriate for start ups, franchising, buying a business , or for firms in the SME sector requiring equipment and leasehold capitalCanada Small Business Financing  Loans

Canada Small Business Financing loans are government guaranteed loans that assist any Canadian business (including start ups and franchises) to acquire financing for equipment and leaseholds. For many owners/managers these loans, commonly called an ‘ SBL ‘ are a ‘ bridge ‘ to starting and or growing a company. Let’s dig in.

If there is one negative aspect to accessing SBL capital it’s the perception that many applicants have that the process is long and complicated. In fact that is not necessarily the case, but it certainly is if you are unprepared and don’t know who to talk to and work with.

Personal guarantees are part of any business financing in the SME sector. However the Govt small business loan requires only a 25% personal guarantee, which is much more attractive to most entrepreneurs. The caveat here is that the guarantee you do provide on the loan must be backed up with a reasonable personal credit score and some personal equity commensurate with the amount you are borrowing. Here things like ‘ home ownership ‘help out a lot.

The good news about the actual rates, structure, terms, and length (amortization) of the loan is that they are set by the government and are cast in stone, so to speak. So Canadian banks that offer the loan don’t have any flexibility in raising rates or changing credit enhancements. That being said though it’s our own experience that different banks have different attitudes toward the program, and it’s critical to find a banker that’s ‘ on side ‘ with this method of financing. (Sorry, we can’t provide names to protect the innocent – but call us!)

As we have inferred Canadian chartered banks run/administer the program for Industry Canada. So contrary to the belief of some, there is never any direct involvement with the government – they are simply sponsors and guarantors of the program. Each year in Canada approx 8000 businesses apply and are approved under the program – which lends anywhere up to $500,000.00 for each loan.

While many businesses in the SME (small to medium enterprise) sector mistakenly focus on accessing capital from personal resources, friends and family, angels/VC’s etc they more often than not find that there are significant negative aspects to those sources of capital. Canada small business financing government loans are often a more realistic fast track to capital.

When SBL loans arent feasible don’t forget that numerous other traditional and alternative financing vehicles are available to you – They include:

A/R financing

Inventory finance

Working capital term loans

Non bank asset based business lines of credit

SR&ED Tax credit financing

Equipment Leasing/ Sale Leasebacks/Bridge Loans

For ‘ smart ‘ strategies to the ‘ bridge to somewhere’ as it relates to growing or starting a business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business Financing Advisor with a track record of success who can assist you with accessing the right capital at the right time.

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Canada Small Business Financing  Loans
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Canada Small Business Financing  Loans

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