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OVERVIEW – Information on capital funding in Canada . Loan finance and asset monetization strategies come in a variety of traditional and alternative solutions.

Capital funding in Canada, successfully, doesn’t have to feel like ‘ Weird Science ‘. Loan finance solutions , including loans, working capital and cash flow often have the business owner manager feeling like its a ‘ first and goal ‘ scenario . Let’s examine one thing… doing it right when it comes to financing your business. Let’s dig in.

The ability to ‘ raise money’ is one of the key areas of starting, running and growing a business. How though can the owner/manager, who is so focused on daily issues and long term planning get a real leg up in an area they might sometimes not feel 100% uncomfortable in.

If there’s any good news in Canadian Business financing its that numerous newer innovations in loan finance and asset monetization is allowing business owners to get ‘ unstuck ‘ in this area. They can be forgiven for feeling that cash flow solutions are the ‘ Bigfoot’Loan Financeof business – rumored to exist but only experienced by a few!

Canadian chartered banks are among the strongest / best run in the world. Yet thousands of business people spend a lot of time applying for ‘ bank loans’ only to find they cant meet bank criteria for some or all of their capital needs. Those criteria by the way are pretty basic – established business, profitable, clean balance sheet, reasonable debt, profits, and positive cash flow.

In the SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE area the personal credit of the owner is often critical in accessing capital, as the bank or commercial finance firm views that area as critical in repayment or collateral

We’re not quite sure that business owners/managers always understand that any level of growth will always bring cash flow challenges. Monetizing assets is a solid way to run/grow business. Accounts receivable are the second most liquid asset on your balance sheet, and numerous A/R financing solutions exist to turn this asset into cash. While the cost is higher than bank credit lines the ability to turn sales into same day cash is persuasive. Solutions such as Confidential Receivable Financing allow your business to bill and collect its own accounts – no notice to clients /suppliers is involved.

Other working capital solutions include:






Retailers can access Merchant Advances for cash flow as they typically carry no receivables.

The benefit of cash flow capital funding solutions is that once established, they are predictable when it comes to growing your business and accessing working capital as you need it.

While new of smaller businesses don’t really qualify for ‘ debt financing ‘ the one solution in this area that is very feasible is the Govt Guaranteed Small Business loan, allowing access for up to 350k of financing for equipment or leasehold improvements.

If you’re looking to eliminate that ‘ weird science’ feeling in accessing loan finance solutions that make sense and are truly achievable consider seeking and speaking to a trusted , credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your capital funding needs . For the first time ‘ first and goal’ actually seems attainable!

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